An Inspiring Conversation With Talented Artist MNA! – Exclusive Interview

MNA opens up in an intriguing interview, letting us discover more about the behind-the-scenes of his music and much more!

After solid releases like “Black Flag,” “Paradise,” and “For You,” MNA’s “Mercenary” signs an important milestone in the career of this talented artist. Gifted with a unique vision, a strong artistic maturity, and a natural instinct for songwriting and music production, MNA is rapidly earning his space in the contemporary Rap and R&B music scene!

Today, at Planet Singer, we have the great pleasure of diving into MNA’s world and discovering more about his journey with an exclusive interview!


Hi MNA, thanks a lot for being here with us! After the excellent “Black Flag,” “Paradise,” and “For You,” your most recent release “Mercenary” is another great addition to your discography. We are thrilled to know more about your artistic journey, so let’s start from the very beginning. When did you discover your passion for music?

I would have to say that my journey starts when I was about sixteen years old. I was a troublesome teen who got terrible grades in school. When I was sixteen, I needed an art credit and got into an electronic music class, from there I developed a passion and obsession with music production.

Let’s talk about “Mercenary,” the album is the perfect example of how important the narrative of your lyrics is to you. Can you tell us more about this project?

Mercenary was an album that was inspired by the Slade Wilson DC comic. The vision for the album was to compare the world of music and entrepreneurship to that of a hitman. Mercenary is about how the music world can look quite glamorous but can be a battle, and sometimes a very dark and lonely place.

I have to say that the work of the guys at City’s Best Sounds in Olney, MD, is incredible. How important is it for you to have around a great team that shares with you not only the passion for music but also the same artistic vision?

City’s Best Sounds in Olney, Maryland is a talented studio and audio engineer(s). However, I have a great team of men and women from all over the world, who really make the movement of MNA Industries possible. I need people around me who are serious about leaving a legacy on the world.

R&B, Rap, Hip-Hop, and much more. In your sound, we can detect many influences from different genres. How important is it to you to be able to express yourself in different styles?

For me, it’s extremely important to have a wide range of creativity. I don’t want to be known for just one thing, but rather as a multifaceted artist and businessman who can adapt to any situation. In 2023 it is necessary to be different to stand out. 

You have a unique sound, and your songwriting style is clearly the result of many years of hard work mixed with a natural instinct for narrative and melody. Can you reveal what your creative process is? How does your music come to life?

It starts with the beats. That is the ground floor of any composition. I listen, I feel it, and if it speaks to me, I will begin to craft a melody with no words, but rather, how it should sound. I then fill that sound with lyrics, preferably to tell a story.


Where do you find your inspiration?

From living my life every day. I find that other artists inspire me; conversations, buildings, memories, and sometimes just the figments of my imagination. Art is where there are no rules. 

Not only music, but you also are a professional movie actor and published author. Do you feel like you approach these two other sides of your creativity with a different mindset or do you follow the same path when it comes to writing or acting?

I approach writing books, making films, and making music all very differently. These three are very distinct worlds. For acting, it’s all about character study and staying in shape. For books, it’s about story structure and imagination. For music, it’s the craftsmanship of sounds. All three are so different and fun in their own ways.

When did you decide to start your production company MNA Industries?

Being an artist is great but something more was needed to pay the bills. MNA Industries came as a need to monetize what we’re doing. We work on beats, clothing, digital marketing, and cryptocurrency.

Are you planning any live shows for this Summer?

Possibly, you never know who is going to invite you out, last year we did a strip club in Baltimore, MD.

What do you think about the contemporary music scene? Any new artists you follow?

To be honest, music feels quite dull and redundant these days. I keep it old school, listening to artists from the last few decades. I’m not liking the music of the last five to seven years.


If you could collaborate with one of the artists who influenced your sound the most, who would you like to share a song and the stage with?

Either Eminem or Axl Rose.

What are your plans for the future?

Make music, make books, make beats, & make them known to the world. I am so grateful for everything, and I just want to continue to bring people content.

MNA it was such a pleasure having you with us today! Is there anything you would like to say to our readers and to your fans?

The pleasure and the honor were mine. You guys have an incredible platform, and here you are giving me an interview. For that, and for all you guys do I am grateful and humbled. My message to fans is to keep their heads up. These are trying times, let’s not forget that things do get better and that we must be strong. This generation’s time is coming. 

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