DODDI Feat LOVE GURU – The Artistic Dichotomy – Exclusive Review!

What is better than a great artist that creates engaging and unique music? Well, two artists that create engaging and unique music! If these two artists are two sides of the same person, this can be called an artistic dichotomy, two very different, and somehow opposite, styles that come from the same brilliant mind. Music, just like all other forms of art, to be genuinely free, cannot be boxed, cannot have set limits or rigid borders. Real art must be free, and it is when the artist trusts his instincts and dares to be one, two, or one hundred artists at the same time. Doddi and Love Guru are two sides of the same coin. Today, at Planet Singer, we have the great pleasure of listening to two singles that show the incredible versatility of an artist who lives his music freely and without pre-constructed barriers!

Doddi and Love Guru are two sides of Icelandic artist Þórður Helgi Þórðarson, a talented singer, songwriter, DJ and producer with incredible charisma and versatility. Doddi started releasing music only in 2019, his 80s vibes and catchy sound is a real party starter. Love Guru is the funny twin; he is the one who makes the party go out of control with his Silly Hop, a unique kind of dance music of whom he is the biggest, and only (being its creator) exponent for more than 17 years! Almost two decades of music filled with successes and recognitions, such as Guru’s first seven singles hitting the top ten on the Icelandic charts.

Disco House music at its maximum, this is the first thought that came in our minds when we listened to Love Guru’s “Desire.” The catchy rhythm and the 80s synth sounds blend the styles of Doddi and Love Guru perfectly, creating a new sound that, at the same time, remains linked to both sides of this versatile artist. The catchy lyrics and melody remain stuck in your mind after the first listening. Thanks to excellent sound research, the track is perfectly balanced, giving it a fresh sound yet remaining clearly 80s oriented! The song is supported by a fun video that also features Jón Gnarr (the bassist), the former mayor of Reykjavik, so sit back and enjoy this mesmerizing track that redefines the word “cool”!

Doddi’s track Last Dance (Wastelands) feat the talented singer Una Stef shows the other side of this incredible artist. The excellent arrangement, the more linear, but engaging beat makes this track flow smoothly. The 80s and early 90s dance influences are evident, but Doddi managed to recreate the same atmosphere of those golden decades with a more modern and fresh appeal! The song shines of an outstanding interpretation of Una Stef behind the microphone, giving incredible warmth and soul to this track.

Doddi and Love Guru are two sides of one of the most eclectic and exciting artists of our generation, and we can’t wait for new releases and, hopefully, a full-length album! Check the links below and discover more about Doddi and Love Guru, and don’t forget to add their tracks to your favorite playlists!

YouTube: Doddi Dodds

Doddi socials

Twitter: Doddilitli

Facebook: djDoddilitli

Instagram: doddidodds

Love Guru

Spotify: Love Guru

Facebook: LoveGuruIceland

Instagram: loveguruiceland

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