Music isn’t just entertainment; it is not just a nice melody, catchy lyrics, and exciting rhythms; there is much more than that, and some artists know the real importance of music. Music that delivers a strong message, music to reach the listeners’ inner side, music to change the world, and make it a better place. Artists like Dream XP remind us how the role of real music can change our society, waking up the minds and shaking the consciousness of a generation that needs to take action, every day more! Today, at Planet Singer, we have the great pleasure of listening to their latest single “Black AND White,” an intense and emotional track that speaks straight to the heart!

Dream XP is an exciting duo that sees talented artists Preach and Xotiik joining their force to create powerful songs with a unique sound. Based between Dubai and Atlanta, Dream XP unite people with their incredible blend of Pop, Soul, Rap, Hip-Hop, EDM, and much more, revisited with their style, in a genre that can be defined as Heart & Soul!

“Black AND White” is one of those songs that is more than a piece, is more than a poem, and is more than a message; this is one of those tracks that everyone should listen to. The “AND” written in capital letters is not a random choice; it is one of the core points of the message of this piece of art. The fantastic video, where we can appreciate the intensity of the duo’s performance, features also inspiring messages in different languages, from people from all around the world.

“Black AND White” is one of the tracks included in Dream XP’s album “Legacy 2: Black & White,” and is proof not only of their incredible songwriting skills, but listening to their album, we can also appreciate the maturity of these two talented artists, and their ability to turn real-life experiences into fantastic tracks! Well done, guys, and we can’t wait for Dream XP’s next release!

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YouTube: Dream XP
Instagram: pg_preachthegreat, therealdreamxp
Twitter: Dream XP
Facebook: therealdreamxp

Bio: THERE’S ONLY ONE MUSIC GROUP ON THE PLANET that has an album that features a song with over 30 people from about 20 different countries greeting you in their native language, in addition to a choreographed dance song/video, plus a song that brings awareness to mental illness, and tops it all off with a jazz song infused with real-life story telling. Oh by the way, if you’re countingthat’s only 4 songs in the Dream XP experience, and
we’ve yet to mention our celebrity guest feature.
Dream XP is a newly formed dynamic duo based in Dubai and Atlanta that focuses on putting out good music that people of all backgrounds and ages can listen to. We call our genre of music: Heart & Soul. We defy limitations. We incorporate hip-hop, R&B, dance music, and pop music with beats that range from Trap to Pop to EDM to Jazz. Poetry, storytelling, skits, multi-culturalism, celebrity features, models, flag bearers, dancers, are all part of the Dream XP experience.

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