Why You Should Encourage Your Child with Learning Disabilities to Participate in the Arts.

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You’ll have a difficult time finding a kid who doesn’t enjoy singing, dancing, acting, painting, drawing, or making music. These activities are an excellent way to channel their imagination and help them develop various skills to take with them into other aspects of life. Kids with learning disabilities are no exception. This guide from Planet Singer discusses the benefits the arts can have on learning disabled children and how to encourage them to get involved.

Making Music.

Children who face problems communicating with others may find relief through music because it may help them feel a greater sense of inclusion. Music also helps with memorization and pattern recognition. Get your child a musical instrument, enroll them in singing lessons, or sign them up for your school’s music program.

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Performing with peers gives children a chance to work on their social skills and learn how to cooperate with others in a collaborative setting. Reading through scripts and memorizing lines is a fun way for children to improve their vocabulary and reading fluency. Plus, talking about the meaning and symbolism in a script can help children practice their critical thinking skills. If your kid shows interest in acting, talk to your community theater or church about upcoming plays that your child could be involved in.

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Visual Arts.

Creating visual art through painting, drawing, sculpting, or crafting is a good way to help kids practice problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. Besides simply encouraging them to paint or doodle, encourage them to challenge themselves by trying something new. Working with different mediums helps build hand-eye coordination and offers a self-esteem boost as they master new techniques to create their works of art.

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Parents of children with learning disorders can help their kids discover new passions by planning activities and engaging with them, so get involved yourself! As your child becomes more involved with art, you may find that you have a knack for it as well. For example, maybe you have musical talent or discover you’re quite crafty. You can turn that love into a money-making venture that can help you fund your child’s art dreams. Learn more about setting up an art-related business here. 

Another great way to support your child’s artistic endeavors is to create a physical space for them to explore their creativity. For example, you could finish your basement and turn it into a dance studio or art room. Doing so has the added benefit of improving your home’s appraisal value should you ever sell. Making physical changes to your home is a great way to show support, but you should also try to be supportive and offer concrete positive comments on what your child is doing well. Praise will help build their self-esteem and encourage further exploration of their creativity.

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