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20-lesson singing tutorial with real-time pitch recognition technology
Automatically adjusts songs to specific vocal range; sheet music view
Edit songs or compose new songs with compose mode


Product description

Learn to sing with the help of a patented real-time pitch recognition technology. Twenty lesson tutorial. See your voice on screen. Microphone headset included. Compose Mode. Imports MIDI’s.System Requirements:Pentium II 400 MHz 128 MB Memory Video card for 16-bit color CD-ROM 200MB free disk space Display resolution 800x600Format: WIN MENT2000XP Genre: REFERENCE / LIFESTYLE UPC: 183561000020 Manufacturer No: CAT320

From the Manufacturer

Carry-a-Tune is the fun way for everyone to sing better! As your pitch improves, your confidence will build. As your confidence builds, your singing will be better and you will have more fun!

Singing Coachs animated characters will make learning to use the software and learning to sing easy and fun.

Pitch Tracking Line:

Singing Coachs Pitch Tracking Line displays what note you are singing and the note you are supposed to be singing on a musical graph. This representation helps train your ear to know the exact pitch you are trying to sing.

Singing Lessons:

Singing Coach’s Singing Lessons are an introduction to both Carry-a-Tune and to some basic singing concepts. You will first learn about the basic Carry-a-Tune controls, then about warm-ups for preparing your voice to sing, and techniques for correct singing.

The remaining lessons start with simple exercises and progress to complete songs. You will learn to sing on pitch and see your scores as you practice each exercise.

Determine Vocal Range:

Carry-a-Tune’s Custom Vocal Range displays songs and exercises based on your voice or “vocal range.” Your vocal range is the range of notes, from lowest to highest, that you can sing comfortably. In order to display songs and exercises in the best key for you, Carry-a-Tune needs to know what your vocal range is.

You will sing up to a high note, then down to a low note. These notes define your vocal range, and you can see how your vocal range compares to the standard vocal ranges such as Tenor and Alto. Carry-a-Tune will automatically put songs and exercises into your personal vocal range so you can sing comfortably without straining your voice.

Compose Mode:

Carry-a-Tune’s Compose Mode allows you to compose your own songs by pointing and clicking to enter the melody and lyrics. You can also use the piano keyboard at the bottom of the screen if you prefer to enter pitches that way. If you have the sheet music for one of your favorite songs, you can easily enter the song into Carry-a-Tune.

Compose is simple enough to allow you to easily create short songs, and has the power to let you create quite complex songs and exercises.

Sheet Music View:

Carry-a-Tune’s Sheet Music View is a unique graphical display providing a simple and effective method of showing you how you are singing on pitch. Many people are more familiar with sheet music, and Carry-a-Tune allows you to sing songs using Sheet Music View. You will see the familiar staff, time signature, and musical notations. Carry-a-Tune’s Pitch Tracking Line effectively shows you whether you are hitting the notes on pitch. You can even use Sheet Music view to sing the songs you have composed.

20-lesson singing tutorial with real-time pitch recognition technology
Automatically adjusts songs to specific vocal range; sheet music view
Edit songs or compose new songs with compose mode
Learn to sing with proper breathing and posture; measure performance
Imports MIDI’s; microphone headset included

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