SRADIO 6FT Mic Cable Balanced Patch Cords, XLR Male to XLR Female Pro Microphone Black Tweed Cloth Jacket Braided Cables… Price: $18.69 (as of 05/03/2021 06:09 PST- Details)




SRADIO Microphone Cable

  • Can you stand the noises?
  • Can you tolerate bad contact after several times using?
  • Can you bear to pull and plug arduously on your favorite device?
  • Can you put up with your HI-FI device doesn’t perfectly reflect its sound quality because of the inferior microphone cable?


Once you have a SRADIO Microphone Cable, everything is not a problem!

As long as you plug and pull personally, you can feel our super high quality connector design (nickel-zinc alloy shell, pure copper gold-plated pin and contactor), world-class positioning and production process, easily plugin and perfect tone from this click.


What’s more, compared to other common microphone cable 6mm wire diameter, 8mm extra-coarse wire diameter with the advantage of better elasticity, super durable and wear resistance, SRADIO microphone cable is not easy to bend/kink or even break, because SRADIO cable’s high quality flexible tweed jacket is superior to ordinary stiff plastic jacket. The most important:the cable is not easy to be overheated while using because of its super low capacitance (rated at 27 Pico farads per feet). Without trouble of the noise,wonderful sound quality is born leisurely


Each cable with Velcro straps enable you quickly make the cable in order and say goodbye to the messy situation after each rehearsal or performance.

Because we have 100% confidence of the quality, we will provide Bad Sound LIFETIME GUARANTEE, we guarantee to change or refund if you are not satisfied with your purchase. If you have any question, please feel free contact with us.

NOISELESS:SRADIO PRO Microphone Cable with Strong Noise Reduction. Once you Throw Away Poor Quality Cable, You can Say Bye to Sound of Electric Current
UNDEALYED & HI-FI MIC CORDS: Faster Audio Transmission, NO DELAY. POWERFUL and RICH Bass, CLEAN Treble. It’s eligible for HI-FI Systems, Live Performances and Studios
SMOOTHLY & MATCH EXACTLY: Metal Connector (Nickel plated) With 24K Gold Plated PURE COOPER pins, ULTRALOW Resistance and Lossless Signal Transmission. Special buckle manufacturing process is adopted, Precise positioning, buckled tightly, durable even after countlessly pull out and plug in
FLEXIBLE TWEED JACKET: TWEED JACKET and the Thicker Design, NO Twine or Kink, with Strong Tensile Resistance
APPLICABLE TO: STANDARD BALANCED XLR Male to XLR Female 3 Pin could be used for Different Equipment

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