Stephen Jacques Kicks Off Upcoming Album with Soul-Stirring Single “Sometimes Love is Not Enough”

Photo by Darin Back.

Talented alt-rock artist Stephen Jacques has set the stage for his forthcoming album, "Prayers for an Orange Cat," with the release of its first track, the captivating "Sometimes Love is Not Enough."

Known for his poetic and heartfelt songwriting, Jacques’ new single confirms his exceptional artistry, offering a profound listening experience that dives deep into the complexities of love and relationships. “Sometimes Love is Not Enough” opens with soothing guitar riffs, setting a tranquil tone that immediately draws listeners in. The soft drumming and harmonious interplay of pedal steel guitar and bass create a smooth and immersive soundscape.

The delicate and intimate arrangement perfectly complements Jacques’ introspective lyrics, allowing his outstanding performance and interpretation to shine through. The richness and intensity of Jacques’ artistry are on full display in this track. His lyrics go deep into the nuances of love, exploring the bittersweet realization that sometimes, despite deep feelings and intentions, love alone cannot bridge certain gaps. The emotional depth of the song resonates with listeners, making it a true gem that introduces the upcoming album with remarkable grace and sensitivity.


Stephen Jacques has built a reputation for his prolific output and heartfelt alt-rock love songs, releasing ten albums to date with the eleventh on the way. His music, produced by the legendary Steve Albini, is a reflection of his diverse life experiences, which include careers as an engineer, Hollywood actor, custom builder, and TV host. These varied backgrounds infuse his music with authenticity and a unique perspective, making his songs relatable and deeply moving.

Jacques’ musical journey is rooted in his rich family heritage. Growing up in Charlottesville, Virginia, with family ties to New Orleans and New York, he was influenced by his Italian grandfather, a multi-instrumentalist from the roaring 20s, and his blues-singing aunt on the French side of his family. His introduction to guitar chords at age 16 by a Beatles fan friend set him on a path of musical exploration, drawing inspiration from great rock and punk bands throughout the mid-Atlantic region.


Over the years, Jacques has garnered significant recognition, with over 300 radio stations and podcasts spinning his tracks. Songs like “Send Them Love” have been hailed as “little masterpieces” by DJs, reflecting the widespread appreciation for his work. His upcoming album, “Prayers for an Orange Cat,” promises to continue this tradition of excellence, with “Sometimes Love is Not Enough” setting a high bar for what’s to come.

In “Sometimes Love is Not Enough,” Stephen Jacques delivers a song that is both soothing and profound, capturing the essence of human relationships with a rare sensitivity. This track, along with the rest of the album, is sure to leave a lasting impression on all who listen, solidifying Jacques’ place as a significant and influential artist in the alt-rock genre.

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