Talented Artist Melanie Penny’s New Singles Out On October 27th and November 1st!

2023 has been a very important year for talented singer-songwriter Melanie Penny and her latest single "Bathroom Floor" signs a fundamental chapter in her career and artistic journey, confirming not only her talent as an artist but also a well-defined artistic identity.

After her first official release, the excellent “Told A Lie” in 2022, she reached new creativity peaks by releasing a set of brilliant tracks making this year an important milestone in her music career.

While we wait for her upcoming release, a Punk version of Blank Space, out on the 27th of October, we want to share some of her latest songs, pieces that we are sure will resonate with all fans of Blink-182, Taylor Swift, 5 Seconds Of Summer, Sleeping with Sirens.


Brilliant songwriting, powerful arrangements, and captivating lyrics are some of the features that make Melanie Penny’s music stand out. Songs such as “Monster You’ve Become” and “Own Worst Enemy” shine for creativity and energy, supported by Penny’s outstanding performance behind the microphone, and the strong message carried by their lyrics.

And it is clear also from her latest piece, “Bathroom Floor,” that narrative is a focus element of everything Melanie Penny releases. Perfectly blending Punk, Pop, and Rock music, her sound is fresh and original, bringing new life into the contemporary Pop-Punk music scene. “Bathroom Floor” is a song that convinces from the first note to the last, reaching the listeners on a deep level thanks to Melanie’s powerful and energetic performance that goes straight to the point, memorable melodies, and a message that strongly resonates with the listeners!


Stay tuned for Melanie Penny’s upcoming singles, check the following links to discover more about her music, and remember to add her songs to your favorite playlists!

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