Every artist is different, and often is not only a matter of genre, style, or look; the most significant difference resides in what their music means to them, and their listeners. While the modern music scene is becoming overcrowded and frenetic, there are still artists that create music that matters, far from the mainstream rat race. Artists like Pivotal Awakening create music with a higher purpose; they combine catchy melodies and modern arrangement, with soulful and precious lyrics, in songs received and welcomed to the listeners as gifts. Today, at Planet Singer, it’s a great pleasure to meet this enthusiastic duo of modern Christian music again, a band that, with their new single, keeps spreading hope, gratefulness, and positivity.

Pivotal Awakening is a unique music duo with a strong sensibility and incredible artistic skills. The beautiful voice of Mindi Odom fly on the notes of talented multi-instrumentalist Andy Graves, on songs that can be defined as Contemporary Christian Pop-Rock, but they are much more than that. Musically they shape their sound, including the best of pop and rock music, with exciting influences of electronic music and a natural versatility that make their track unique.

Their latest single “Not That Different” follows the lead of other fantastic tracks such as “Awaken and Rise,” “Questions Answered,” and the intense “August Rain,” to name a few. The opening vocal harmony of Mindi and Andy’s voices perfectly mix together, creating a suggestive introduction to the single, followed by the beautiful piano melody, surrounded by the cello and a crescendo of strings in the first verses. Mindi’s voice is warm and rich, and her ability to interpret every word of the intense lyrics make this track a memorable song everyone should listen to.

Listen carefully to the lyrics; in every song Pivotal Awakening creates, there is a strong message, a stream of positivity that permeates every second of their music and releases contagious inner happiness and hope. After the beautiful orchestral intermezzo, we again find the introduction’s elegant vocal harmonies that lead to the final choruses. The song’s whole structure is perfectly balanced, proof of the incredible maturity of the duo that, once again, created a pure gem in its genre!

A big BRAVO also goes to the fantastic talents that joined Pivotal Awakening to create “Not That Different.” In the track, we can appreciate the beautiful voice of talented singer Angel Thompson (backing vocals), the excellent guitarist Jim Huyck, the metronomic precision of drummer Todd Gilbert, and the talented keyboardist Pat Cronley. The song also shines thanks to the outstanding work of producer Marshall Block, at Real II Reel Productions, a crystal clear sound that gave that extra value to a fantastic song! Well done, guys!

Check the links below and discover more about Pivotal Awakening and their fantastic music, and don’t forget to add their tracks to your favorite playlists!

Official Website: www.pivotalawakening.com

Spotify: Pivotal Awakening

Instagram: pivotalawakening

Twitter: pivotalawakening

Facebook: PivotalAwakening

Tidal: Pivotal Awakening

Apple Music: Pivotal Awakening

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