Echo Messiahh’s new single “Last Days” is OUT NOW!

Echo Messiahh’s single “Last Days” is a song that speaks words of hope and faith straight to the listeners’ hearts. Engaging and intense, Echo Messiahh is one of those artists you recognize from the very first seconds, thanks to his warm and rich voice. Thanks to important lyrics, he investigates the human soul, finding the positive side even in the hardest of times, and bringing new lymph to the lives of those who can listen to his music with an open heart.

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Exclusive interview with talented artist Edgar Dickey about his latest single and much more!

Edgar Dickey is one of those artists you can’t forget! It takes just one play of his single, “Come Over,” to understand the incredible talent and potential of this artist. Gifted with a unique approach, brilliant songwriting skills, and a clear understanding of how to stand out in the music industry, Edgar released an excellent single that convinces the listeners from the first note to the last!

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Kenny Buttons’ new single “No Longer Welcome” is Out Now!

Some artists stand out thanks to their style and music, others thanks to their approach. But while most of them fall into the same category, there are artists like Kenny Buttons who don’t follow the rules. Kenny Buttons is not a slave to the trends the music industry dictates; he creates his own, thanks to the exciting and unheard vibes he blends to create that unique sound that makes him stand out!

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West Of Corey’s latest single, “All Alone,” is OUT NOW!

West Of Corey is an enthusiastic and dynamic trio that, thanks to incredible songwriting skills, stamina, and a refined sense of melody, creates songs that stand out and capture the listener’s attention from the first note to the last! With their latest single, “All Alone,” the band confirms their talent and versatility with a track that flows smoothly and convinces from start to finish!

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