An Intimate Conversation With Talented Artist TaniA Kyllikki – Exclusive Interview

In the contemporary music panorama, few artists possess the ability to transmit true emotions that resonate deeply with listeners. British singer-songwriter TaniA Kyllikki emerges as a remarkable figure whose music transcends genres, bringing to life stories of strength, vulnerability, and the human experience.

Stepping into TaniA’s world reveals a multidimensional artist deeply rooted in life’s simple pleasures. Her love for nature, spending time with horses, and cherishing moments with loved ones form the bedrock of her artistry. Each song she pens is a testament to her unconventional songwriting approach, a fusion of genres that channels emotions, empathy, and maturity.

As TaniA Kyllikki prepares to unveil her second studio album, “Free-Spirited,” in 2024, her journey continues to captivate hearts and minds. The upcoming album promises an exploration of genres, including Soulful R&B, Pop, and House, further showcasing her artistic evolution. In this intimate exploration, we delve into TaniA Kyllikki’s life, artistry, and the enchanting melodies that have touched millions. From her resilient journey to her upcoming musical endeavors, join us in celebrating the extraordinary talent and indomitable spirit of TaniA Kyllikki.


Hi TaniA, and thanks for being with us today at Planet Singer! Your journey in the music industry has been remarkable, after the excellent album “Why Chapter One” and the excellent single “What If,” you are back with a brand new release, the powerful “In These Eyes.” We are thrilled to know more about your artistic journey, so let’s start from the very beginning. When did you discover your passion for music?

It is a joy to speak with you guys, thank you so much! 

I’ve honestly known since I was a kid that music is what I’m gonna do forever. There’s nothing else I’d ever wanna do. I completely fell in love with all kinds of music right from the start. It’s amazing that I can finally share my own music now that pays tribute to a range of genres that touched my heart as a kid. Guys, I gotta tell ya though, growing up was tough. I saw and went through a bunch of stuff that no child should have to deal with. But the music, that’s what gave me a place to escape to. Being in a low-income family was tough, but my mum did her best raising five children as a single mother after her divorce. So despite not having a lot of money, the music was embedded so deep inside of me that I completely rocked out with my hairbrush as my microphone! lol… Every single day after school I’d sing along to Whitney, Mariah, Celine, Etta James, Xtina, and a bunch of other artists from Soul, R&B, Rock, Pop, Hip-hop, Classical, House, Gospel, you name it! I always say that all these legends are like my vocal mentors, you know? I taught myself by just listening to them, studying their vocal skills every single day. I remember when I first started singing in my whistle register. I was only 10 years old and I thought I was just singing super high like Minnie and Mariah lol… I had no clue what a whistle register even was, you know? But I was hooked soon as I found that range and of course, I drove my family crazy hitting these notes for hours on end in my bedroom! Lol… And whenever I entered talent contests, people would be like, “Wow, you’ve got this crazy powerful voice for a child!” I had no clue of course what a vocal range was until I was finally told later on. People have always been surprised that I haven’t been given years of pro training. I didn’t start getting vocal lessons until I was a teenager, but even then, I only had 7 total, because my mother couldn’t afford it. But those lessons were like gold to me, I valued each one of those short-lived vocal lessons. I’ve also been songwriting since I was a little kid. Another thing that just came naturally. Oh, I write poems too, and I still do, and can play the piano (self-taught.) So I guess the best way to describe my singing and songwriting is, “God-given talent,” and I got to say, I thank God every single day for blessing me with this awesome gift of music. As a whole, it’s been an amazing journey, especially in the last few years after the pandemic hit and I dropped my first self-penned album in 2022. Being able to get all my past pain out through the music to set myself free emotionally, and being able to touch others and inspire others is really what music is all about. And having so much love and support after the fact, WOW, I feel so emotionally touched. I have to pinch myself. I seriously wouldn’t have ever believed that so many people from all over the world would have been so kind to me. And it’s so cool that industry pros appreciate my artistry as an indie artist who mixes genres. It feels amazing to be celebrated for it! And I’m just so grateful. Now that I’m in the middle of working on my second album, “Free-Spirited,” as well as many other plans set for next year, I’m just super excited to share all of this with everyone! I really can’t wait.

Can you tell us more about your latest single “In These Eyes?”

 Yes of course! The song’s melody is super unique, and so is its origin story. So, me and my hubby are still doing the long-distance thing, oceans apart and all. But, we were both feeling super creative on this one day. Rynellton was like, “I’m gonna jam on my keyboards for a bit,” and I was like, “Cool, I’m gonna work on a fresh new song as well.” We weren’t really trying to work together on anything at the time. We just wanted to do our own thing and be creative. When he finished the track he was working on, he showed it to me. So, I started singing along and, WOW, I was so shocked that the lyrics and melody I came up with fit perfectly on his track. Since the beginning, the chemistry between us has been off the charts. So, I was like, “Hey, let’s mix it up a bit! Can you add some Egyptian pop vibes to the music, but keep that soulful R&B feel and throw in some hip-hop vibes too?” So then I was like, “Hey, can you add some sick guitar melodies with an electronic rock vibe?” I also wanted to add some Arabic-style riffs to make the song my own, you know? The lyrics I wrote are all about me and Rynellton’s love story. I also created this cool Egyptian look that shows a strong woman who hasn’t let tough times dampen her fiery spirit who is passionate in love and passionate in life. This also gives a taste of what’s to come from my upcoming album “Free-Spirited” which will pay tribute to a blend of genres.

Your music is often praised for its old-school strong vocals and raw and genuine storytelling. How do you approach songwriting to infuse such depth and emotion into your songs?

Honestly, it just comes naturally to me. I’m super passionate and emotional, I feel things really deep, and when it comes to my music, it’s no different. I wanna make sure people really feel the words I write and sing. I wanna share a story that they can completely relate to on a much deeper level. I’ve always been like that though since I was a kid. And, learning from the best singers in the world who have been like mentors to me left an impact on me musically. Plus, I’ve been through a great deal of heartache and been sick since birth, which really humbles you and makes you feel things on a whole other level. It makes you start appreciating life in a much deeper way and fight harder for your dreams to come true. So, yeah, I’d say it’s like a mix of all the above.

Collaborating creatively with your husband, Rynellton aka Garry D. Hairston, must be a unique experience. Can you tell us about the dynamic you two share when working on music together?

Working with my husband has been AMAZING!! Since day one. We absolutely bring out the best in each other, and since we both think outside the box musically, we just work together like a dream. We also motivate each other, never getting too comfortable. It’s so cool how we’ve managed to create a load of songs together even though we’re still long-distance. But what I’m really excited about soon is when my husband comes back to England this year to record the rest of my upcoming album songs with me. We will be taking behind-the-scenes videos and will be doing some live performances together, so I’m really buzzing for that. It’s hard being oceans apart from my soulmate, it’s the simple things like holding each other’s hands that you miss when apart. And musically, even though we can create something magical together even while oceans apart, nothing compares to being in the same room together and vibing off each other’s energy, that’s just pure gold. When two minds come together it’s a beautiful thing, and what we have together is special and unique, must like the music we create and release together.


Despite facing health challenges, you’ve continued to pursue your music ambitions. How has your personal journey influenced your music and the messages you convey through it?

Genuinely, it’s been super tough and sometimes really heart-breaking when I get offered opportunities to make it big in the music industry, but unfortunately, I can’t always say yes! When my health is acting up. I was born with heart problems, I’ve had mini strokes, and deal with autoimmune illnesses that really mess with me every day. Some days are good, but some are just awful and scary for me, especially when I’m too weak to even move from my bed. This year, I’m mostly focused on writing and recording my upcoming album. And while I’m doing that, I’m also going through new invasive treatments for my autoimmune illnesses and they’ve put me on a bunch of new meds for high blood pressure and my heart. The side effects are terrible, and I’ve had times when my heart rate will drop really low, I get dizzy, and even passed out. So, after I got this phone call the other day from a TV show producer who was past on my info and asked me to audition, which was super cool! But I was worried because all I could think about was, what if I go for it this year and my health flares up and I faint live on TV? But if I don’t go for it, I may lose out. I was feeling so torn. But deep down I knew I couldn’t go all out this year, and had to be real with myself, considering everything I’m dealing with – treatments and trying to record my album at the same time. My husband was also like, “Baby, now’s not the right time, these treatments are hard on you, let’s hold off for now.” Luckily, they said they’ll hold onto my info so I can give it another shot when I’m ready. But, even though it wasn’t a total downer, I still felt my heart sink after that call. So to answer your question truthfully, my music is me, and I am the music, we’re one and the same. My body might not be as strong, determined, and driven as my spirit, but I know I’ll somehow achieve the impossible. After all, the word “impossible” has “possible” in it. And God didn’t give me this gift to just let it go to waste. And by just pushing through all the tough stuff, I can inspire others to never give up on their dreams, keep going, and be the best version of themselves. Yes! There will be times when things happen that are out of your control. But what I want to be to others is an inspiration and tell them, you’re not just your illnesses or hardships, you’re so much more. Even if you have to walk slow while others race past you, you’ll still get there. Even if you fall down and miss an opportunity, there will be other doors you can go through. Or how about this? My own quote: “What there’s no way in? In that case, construct your own door and proceed to walk confidently through it. 

You’ve been recognized for your unconventional blending of genres in your music. Can you tell us about your approach to genre-blending and how it contributes to your unique style?

Music is so beautiful it has its own magical language that everyone speaks. Even if you don’t get the words, you can still vibe with the beat and catch the melody to get what the artist is saying. I just really dig all kinds of music. It’s amazing how it can bring people from different cultures together. That’s why I love mixing genres. You know what? I kinda wish they used the term genre-less in music, haha… ’cause that’s exactly where I’m at. I’m just being me, one of a kind, not trying to fit in or anything. I’m an absolute oddball, but I love it! I’ve never boxed myself in, and I never will. I guess I’m like the UK’s brand, “Marmite” you either love me or hate me! lol.

Your single “Remind Me” was introduced by 3-time Grammy winner Ne-Yo in 2021. What was your reaction to this endorsement, and how did it impact your musical journey?

I gotta say, I really respect Ne-Yo. He’s such an incredible singer and songwriter. I’ve been jamming to his music for years. Having his support was absolutely amazing, and I’m super grateful for it. It totally lit a fire under me to go even harder with my music. You know what’s wild? “Remind Me” wasn’t even created yet when Ne-Yo reached out to me. I was like, “I’m on this chemo drug for my autoimmune stuff right now, so it’s gonna be a minute before I drop a new single.” He was like, your good just take your time. So on a day when I was feeling better, I just went ahead and wrote and recorded my song “Remind Me” on that same day. It’s insane how the original that Ne-Yo presented, and DJ Jo Paulo’s remix version, have now hit over a million streams on Spotify alone combined. That’s so awesome, being an independent artist! It was also nice to hear from Ne-Yo again this year! He asked how things had been going. I told him I’m working hard on my second album now and excited about that. There should be more major artists supporting rising indie artists. There are so many gifted artists out there who are still yet to be discovered.

“In These Eyes” is the first single off your upcoming album “Free-Spirited.” Could you give us a glimpse into the inspiration behind this new album and how it represents your evolving artistry?

I was reflecting over the past album one day along with my husband. We discussed the content of it and thought about how far I had come against the odds. We further discussed about how much more there is to me that people don’t know. This new album will let people get to know me a little more and spotlight my ever-evolving artistry.

Your forthcoming album “Free-Spirited” is set to feature a mix of genres, including Soulful R&B, Pop, and House. How did you approach combining these genres while maintaining your distinct musical identity?

Well for me this approach is nothing new, however it is for the public. I have an appreciation for all the genres mentioned but not only that, multiple styles, etc…. resonates with me. For instance, there are a lot of country music artists that have great storytelling in their lyrics and when you listen carefully you can identify. The next thing you know, your foot is tapping on beat and you are taken to a new experience. I love people and I want to be able to connect with them all beyond race, colour, and culture. Music has the power to do that.


Your forthcoming album “Free-Spirited” is set to feature a mix of genres, including Soulful R&B, Pop, and House. How did you approach combining these genres while maintaining your distinct musical identity?

Well for me this approach is nothing new, however it is for the public. I have an appreciation for all the genres mentioned but not only that, multiple styles, etc…. resonates with me. For instance, there are a lot of country music artists that have great storytelling in their lyrics and when you listen carefully you can identify. The next thing you know, your foot is tapping on beat and you are taken to a new experience. I love people and I want to be able to connect with them all beyond race, colour, and culture. Music has the power to do that.

“Free-Spirited” signifies a new chapter in your musical journey. What themes or messages do you hope to convey through this album, and how does it differ from your previous works?

Free-Spirited, hopes to inspire, uplift, encourage, as well as just provide an experience for people to let their hair down and be free, loving, sexy, powerful, funny, and feel good about themselves. I think this album will show that I have taken a giant step ahead in every aspect of being creative. This project will be daring, yet relatable and I hope people will enjoy it.

You have a strong connection to nature, horses in particular. How do these experiences find their way into your music, and do they influence your creative process?

I began riding horses when I was a child. Just like my music, my love for horses was instant. These animals are incredibly beautiful, highly intelligent, and known for their giving and loyal nature. I experience a sense of tranquility when I am in their presence, and I feel incredibly liberated when I am riding. This is the only time when I don’t feel overwhelmed, despite the stresses of life and the fear I experience due to my illnesses. I am able to breathe effortlessly. I possess a wild side within me that is brimming with passion and determination. but I also have a calm peaceful side. I strongly believe in the importance of balance in life. I have a deep spirituality and enjoy a meaningful relationship with God. I thoroughly enjoy living in the countryside. I appreciate the simple things in life and the beauty of nature that surrounds us. I have a strong connection with not only horses but with all animals, to be honest. I believe that animals possess a heightened sensitivity and can discern individuals whom they can trust and feel secure with. What a lot of people don’t know is, I also suffer from anxiety. So for me, maintaining a balanced lifestyle greatly enhances my musical abilities. By achieving mental clarity, I am able to open my mind and allow creativity to flow freely, much like a river. It is difficult to achieve anything when under stress.

Your music has touched many lives and earned you recognition across various media platforms. How do you feel your music contributes to the lives of your listeners and the wider music community?

The power of music really is such a beautiful thing. But people need to feel like they can connect with you and relate with you in some kind of way. A lot of artists are closed off, or just too afraid to be real. Faking a smile, faking how great their life is on Instagram. I’ve never been like that, it’s not a healthy way to live. I’m hoping while I’m on this musical journey, artists may feel inspired to be more transparent, maybe some may even read this interview and set themselves free to be themselves. So I believe the reason why many find my music appealing is due to my consistent display of transparency since the start of my career. Yes, my music serves as a means of self-expression, allowing me to divulge various facets of my identity, drawing on my personal life encounters encompassing both positive and negative aspects. But sometimes people just need to get to know you as a person. In me doing that others can relate to my songs more and feel more connected. I have involved my fans in my experiences and incorporated them into all aspects of my growth. I love my fans, although I’d rather call them my soul family. I hold a deep affection for them, value their presence, and aim to express my gratitude by means of a lifetime of music for as long as God blesses me to be here. If I had the superpower to hug every single beautiful soul who has supported me, I would. It doesn’t matter how much my music evolves, I want people around the world to always feel like they will experience a sense of connection with me even in the absence of direct personal encounters. 

Looking ahead, you have exciting plans for 2024, including the release of your second studio album and performances in the States. Can you share a glimpse of what fans can expect from “Free-Spirited” and your upcoming activities? What are your plans for the future?

I’ll just say this: This album will serve as a portal through which I hope to interact with you all and share a brand new chapter in my life, peeling back the layers and allowing for the hidden parts to emerge. As for me, I simply cannot wait for what the future holds. 

TaniA, it was such a pleasure having you with us! Is there anything you’d like to say to our readers and your fans?

Thank you so much for this incredible interview! And what I have to say is thank you for all the love and support. You all have touched my heart and you helped this once little girl singing with her hairbrush, be able to share all this music in me with all of you, you helped make all this possible. I can’t wait for you all to hear my new album next year. All my love and positive energy; God bless you all! Lots of love, TaniAKyllikki. ❤️XOXO 

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