Behringer XM8500 is a low budget microphone with high-quality performances that has conquered along the year a high position among its competitors. Many singers and sound engineers consider this product made by Behringer as a valid substitute of the more famous Shure SM58. In this article, we would like to discover all its features and reveal what is the secret behind the success of this low budget microphone that has become a must-have not only for singers on a budget but also for those that look for specific sound quality.

Let’s have a closer look at the Ultravoice XM8500.

This dynamic cardioids vocal microphone surprises not only for its very low price of (average) less than $20 but let us stunned with its clear and brilliant sound quality, characteristics similar to those you expect by more expensive microphones like the SM58 and many others. It’s cardioids polar pattern is able to deliver a very accurate and precise output thanks to the great ultra-wide frequency response of 50Hz – 15000Hz. 

Thanks to the flat frequency response with a nice rise of the middle frequency, your sound will gain an extra boost that will help your voice projection. Talking about the output levels, the first thing you will notice is that your voice will sound sensibly louder than other dynamic microphones thanks to the exceptionally high signal output levels of the Ultravoice XM8500. If your voice will cut through easily, the integrated two-stage spherical wind and the pop filter will stop all unwanted noises such as wind and pop sounds. The cardioids pattern will also make sure that all the background sounds from the sides and back of the microphone will be minimized helping also to avoid annoying feedback effects.

The structure of the microphone is very resistant and sturdy, this makes it perfect for stage performance and long tours. The handling noise is just a bit more evident compared to the SM58 but it doesn’t affect the sound production at all, especially if you have a good microphone technique or if you use a microphone stand.

The Behringer Ultravoice XM8500 comes in a very resistant hard plastic case filled with foam that will protect your microphone from the hardest impacts and ensures its durability and long life. Included in the package you will also find a microphone clip and stand adapter.


Singing, Speech, Instruments






50 – 15.000 Hz





Is the Behringer Ultravoice xm8500 the king of low-budget microphones?

We really think it is! For less than 20$ you will have very similar characteristics and results you would have with more expensive microphones. It is one of those microphones that you must have even just as a backup microphone in case you need it. If you use other great microphones like the Shure SM58, you can easily and surely relay on the XM8500 as well as they both have very similar features. It really doesn’t have competitors in its price range, it has a great sound and it is very resistant and perfect for live performances and studio sessions as well. 

Why don’t you try it and give us your personal opinion about it? We are curious to read your comments and hopefully, this review helped you to choose your new microphone!

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