BEZY4EVA – “Street Codex” Exclusive Review!

There is much more in music than a nice melody, rhythm, and a catchy chorus. When it comes to real music, those are just the starting points; what really matters is the message, the approach, and the charisma of the artist. Especially in genres such as Hip-Hop and Rap, it is harder every day to find artists that stand out from the crowd. Most focus on their look, others on their online presence and poses, but sometimes we still find, luckily, artists who do not make compromises, who still know where they come from, what they’ve been through, and turn their feelings, emotions, and life experiences into tracks that go straight to the point. Artists like BEZY4EVA remind us that real Hip-Hop and Rap must be genuine, honest, and authentic! Today, at Planet Singer, we have the great pleasure of listening to his latest EP, “Street Codex,” an exciting five-track release that signs a fundamental chapter in his music career!


“Street Codex” follows the exceptional full-length “I Am Forever,” an album that shows the incredible maturity of this talented artist and his versatility both as a songwriter and as a performer! This new EP starts with the captivating title track “Street Codex,” where a catchy beat supports the dynamic lyrics from start to finish. “My Dawg” follows right after; the beautiful guitar arpeggio, a deep synth, and powerful slow-tempo beat introduce us to this track, where a more melodic BEZY4EVA shows once again his versatility with an outstanding performance behind the microphone.

“Never Fall” is one of those songs I would consider a real gem of modern Hip-Hop. With a great arrangement and incredible sound research, the captivating and raw lyrics go straight to the point. BEZY4EVA knows what he is doing, delivering one gem after the other in his “Street Codex,” as the fourth track, “That’s The Key,” an extremely powerful track with the potential of becoming an international hit! “Pack Smoke” closes the circle, and once again, BEZY4EVA delivers an intense and extraordinary performance; the lyrics keep the listener engaged, catapulting them into BEZY4EVA’s world from the very first words! Great production and a perfect balance among the tracks make the EP flow smoothly from the first track to the last, conveying energy and delivering a memorable experience for all real Hip-Hop lovers! BEZY4EVA’s release is incredible, and we can’t wait for his next EP to be released in March, and hopefully, another full-length album soon!

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