CASPER SUN – “Visions” Exclusive Review!

Music is not only a form of entertainment. For many artists, it is also a way to deliver a strong message, and it is especially during times like these that artists like Casper Sun remind us that we need to keep a positive mindset. 2020 has been a very tough year so far, and music in these situations is a shelter from the everyday negativity we have to face. Today, at Planet Singer, we have the pleasure to listen to Casper Sun’s latest single “Visions”, a track that is welcome as a deep breath of fresh air after a long day.

Casper Sun is a talented Rapper and indie Hip Hop artist with a very unique style that blends very direct and honest lyrics, with catchy melodies and a chilled and modern sound. After the release of his previous EP “Blue Matter”, a melodic and intense release that is also a proof of his incredible talent as a musician, Casper’s latest track “Vision” shows that he can adapt to all kinds of music thanks to his incredible versatility!

“Visions” is not only a track, but it is also a symbol of this generation. A picture of a society that, despite the hard times is willing to go on, and focus on the bright side. A vision of a better future, back to normality, this is the main purpose of this track, that thanks to a catchy base and the positive lyrics keep the listener engaged from start to finish. Great production and fantastic performance of Casper behind the microphone make this track a rare gem in its genre.

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Instagram: _caspersun

Spotify: Casper Sun

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