Ismael Gabasau releases the excellent “The Art of Seeing Through” EP – Exclusive Review!

"The Art of Seeing Through" Is A Journey of Self-Discovery through Music and Art.

Ismael Gabasau is an abstract artist and songwriter whose EP “The Art of Seeing Through” showcases his unique blend of Bossanova, jazz, and funk. Each of the four tracks on the EP features insightful and profound lyrics that stem from Gabasau’s introspective journey of self-discovery. His artistic inspiration draws from memories that trigger melodies, as well as the infinite possibilities of a blank canvas.


Gabasau’s passion for the blank canvas is evident in his artwork, which captures the moment before a paint droplet falls onto the pristine white surface. In his song “Canvas,” Gabasau invites listeners to reflect on their dreams and the paths they have taken since. He emphasizes that old dreams continue to shape our lives in unexpected ways, and his artwork aims to initiate a meaningful dialogue about self-awareness. Through his canvases, Gabasau encourages viewers to reclaim a clear mind-space and reflect on their innermost thoughts and aspirations.


“Sour and Sweet” is the EP’s opening track, featuring Gabasau’s signature blend of bossanova, jazz, and funk. The song’s upbeat tempo and catchy melody are complemented by thoughtful lyrics that explore the balance between life’s sour and sweet moments. “Pumpkin Empanadas” takes on a more intimate tone, with its gentle riffs and Bossanova vibe.

“Deep Souls” is a powerful song that showcases Gabasau’s versatility and emotional depth. The song’s introspective lyrics explore the human psyche, while the captivating rhythms mesmerize the listeners from the first note to the last. “Canvas” brings the EP to a close, with its thoughtful lyrics and soothing jazz undertones mixed with pop and rock melodies. The song encapsulates Gabasau’s artistic philosophy, emphasizing the transformative power of artistic expression in helping us find our way forward. The song shows the fluidity and creativity of Gabasau’s artistic vision.

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Ismael Gabasau’s EP “The Art of Seeing Through” is a brilliant release that points the spotlight on the transformative power of art and music in helping us navigate the complexities of life. Through his unique blend of bossanova, jazz, and funk, Gabasau encourages listeners to reflect on their innermost thoughts and aspirations, reminding us that our old dreams continue to shape our lives in unexpected ways. His artwork and music offer a unique perspective on the journey of self-discovery and the solace we can find in creative pursuits.

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