Here we are guys, our first post on Planet Singer! And what better title for what we are going to analyze together today. YES, singing for us, and you for sure, is a lifestyle. We are the kind of people who start humming in the morning, and keep on humming and singing all day long, driving our cars, on the bus, metro, train, at work, at school… we always have time for this. It is just like breathing, isn’t it?

“I don’t sing because I am happy.

I am happy because I sing!”

William James

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional singer or a housewife, if you are a vocal coach or a lawyer, music is our common ground.

We put our headphones on and we enter our own dimension; we are the main character of our own unique music video. Our voice becomes the mirror of our feelings, strictly tied to our subconscious. Our mind decides the playlist, and we become the instrument that reproduces it. Our singing is always there to cheer us up, to celebrate with us, to keep us focused and keep all our memories alive; good or bad memories, it doesn’t matter, because life just feels better when we sing it.

How many times have you listened to a song and the face of a friend or ex-lover appeared in your mind like magic? How many times have you watched a movie and kept singing the soundtrack for days because the story touched you deeply?

It is just in our DNA, and for those of you that sing as a hobby or profession it is something more. It becomes part of our daily routine, filling our time with warm-ups, technical exercises, rehearsals, writing, recording, and performing.

Singing is a lifestyle, and if you are here reading my words you know that all the sacrifices and hard work we do for it are more than worth it.

How many of you, after a bad audition, have said something like “oh, I have enough”?  I remember a friend of mine who once, after the third audition in a row ended  with a “no”, said “I will never sing again, I really have had enough!” But after a few minutes she was in her car humming a song and we all ended up laughing.

The truth is that we can’t stop, we can’t give up, and even if we say so, we know that we really don’t mean it.

We spend money on lessons, microphones, rehearsals, headphones, concerts, and albums just like we spend it on food and clothes, and even if we are broke, singing doesn’t cost one penny; our voice is free, and it doesn’t need anything but our breath and feelings.

Singing is a journey, but it is also the ticket, the plane, the train, the car, the road, our home and our destination at the same time.

And you, what is your lifestyle as a singer? What is your daily routine? What makes you sing that first note in the morning and the last note before bed at night? What is the fuel that keeps your passion alive? We would love to know you and your story so contact us at any time, comment on our posts,  share them if you like, and remember to come visit us whenever you want; this is your voice’s home!


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