24/8 Releases The Excellent Single “Why Do I Try?” Ft Lily! Exclusive Review!

24/8, the moniker of the talented rapper hailing from Sunshine, Victoria, has recently dropped a bombshell on the industry with his latest single, "Why Do I Try?" featuring Lily from Lily and King.

This track is not just a song; it’s a rollercoaster of emotions, a raw exploration of the end of a toxic relationship. At the age of 12, 24/8 embarked on his lyrical journey, setting the stage for a future filled with poetic prowess and musical mastery. His words became his sanctuary, his beats, the rhythm of his resilience. After overcoming significant hurdles, 24/8 channeled his experiences into his 2019 masterpiece, the PCS EP.

In 2023, 24/8 emerged with a poignant creation that cuts straight to the soul — “Why Do I Try?” The collaboration with Lily results in a musical masterpiece that delves into the complexities of love and self-doubt. The lyrics, profound and heartfelt, paint a vivid picture of a relationship’s demise, where pain and vulnerability intertwine, leaving both parties bruised yet liberated. With an energetic beat that pulses with emotion and the exceptional vocal talents of both 24/8 and Lily, the track seizes listeners from the very first note of the piano intro, refusing to release them until the final note fades.


As anticipation builds for his upcoming release, “Women Drugs and Money,” featuring Bizarre of D12, 24/8 promises an auditory experience that transcends boundaries. His unique style, characterized by raw authenticity and poetic finesse, is a testament to his dedication — his relentless pursuit of musical excellence. With each beat, each lyric, 24/8 invites listeners into his world, a realm where vulnerability meets strength, and pain is transformed into art. His latest single 24/8 reminds us all that in the depths of heartache, we find the courage to create, to inspire, and to triumph. Great job, and we can’t wait for November the 10th for the release of “Women Drugs and Money” feat Bizarre of D12!

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