BREI CARTER – “Smiling” Single Review!

It is such a pleasure to come across talented artists like Brei Carter. Today we had the chance to discover her single “Smiling”, a song that you could listen to all day long.

Brei is a Country Music Singer and Songwriter originally from Louisiana, that amazes not only for the great quality of her voice but also for her incredible songwriting skills.

Her song “Smiling” is a very powerful track that carries such a positive and genuine message: “I keep on smiling, smiling, smiling thought the pain”, this is a message for everyone to remember, in good and bad times.

The song starts with a catchy guitar riff that introduces Brei’s amazing voice in the first chorus. The rhythm raises on the first chorus and the second verse, where Brei’s great interpretation skills tell us a story that can be everyone’s story. This is a quality of great artists. Big thumbs up to all the musicians that worked at the recording, and a big Bravo to the guitarist for the excellent solo that makes the song even more appealing.

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