Brutu Music’s new single “Mr. Dickerson,” feat WWW and Lindoras, is OUT NOW! Exclusive Review!

"Mr. Dickerson" is a fun, irreverent, and catchy song that will engage with the listeners from the first note to the last!

Being original, creating a unique track with the perfect beat, adding an excellent storyline, and delivering a stellar performance of it all require talent, passion, and an artistic vision like no one else! Brutu Music, joined by WWW and Lindoras, just ticks all the boxes, showing incredible versatility, stamina, creativity, and maturity in this excellent release, “Mr. Dickerson!”

Today, at Planet Singer, we have the great pleasure of sharing this unique track and diving into Brutu Music’s world!

Brutu Music’s new single “Mr. Dickerson” feat WWW and Lindoras.

Let’s admit it, we all have that one friend that appears suddenly when in need and then disappears! Well, “Mr. Dickerson,” tells precisely the story of those who borrow some money and then magically vanish. Through a super catchy rhythm, fantastic arrangement, excellent vocals, and memorable lyrics, the song develops with dynamic and energy, showing the incredible charisma of these talented artists!

The captivating beat, stellar production, and compelling songwriting make this song a rare gem. Funny yet flawless, we are hooked from the first word to the last of the unique lyrics, making this song flow smoothly and stand out both for delivery and originality! “Mr. Dickerson” is also Universal Flow Records’ 100th release, an excellent track to celebrate this important stage! Well done Brutu Music and all the talents involved in the production of this brilliant release!

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Spotify: Brutu Music

LinkTree: Brutu Music

Beatport: brutu-music

Instagram: Evisambo

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