Alexis Marrero Releases Her Brand New Single “Floating Away” – Exclusive Review.

After the excellent "Wake Me Up," Alexis Marrero is back with another powerful release, the contemporary Pop single "Floating Away" an excellent song that with its exciting beat, outstanding vocals, and engaging lyrics is a great addition to Alexis' brilliant discography.

With each new release, she proves herself to be a formidable force in the music industry, and her latest single, “Floating Away,” is no exception. This captivating track is proof of her talent as a singer-songwriter but also shows how important is it to her to deliver a strong message through her music. 

With the exciting beat, Alexis’ outstanding vocals, and lyrics that beckon listeners into a world of emotion and reflection, “Floating Away” finds its place among some of the best Pop releases of 2023.


Alexis Marrero’s journey in music has been nothing short of extraordinary. Her talent has graced the stage at numerous shows, including standout performances on the Boys of Summer Tour in both 2021 and 2022. Her presence was also felt at Playlist Live in 2022, where she left an indelible mark with her electrifying performances. Amid the challenges of the pandemic, Alexis showed her resilience and dedication to her fans. She introduced “Quarantine Concert Fridays,” a series of free concerts performed on Instagram Live, bringing solace and entertainment to her dedicated followers during difficult times.


Not only great music, she embarked on a charitable endeavor titled “Saving Our Holidays Extravaganza.” This event saw influencers, singers, and dancers uniting to raise funds for the Salvation Army’s Rescuing Christmas campaign, highlighting Alexis’s commitment to making a positive impact on the world. Alexis stands as an advocate for positivity and a role model for people around the globe.


Her music is a beacon of hope, and her lyrics are imbued with messages of strength and resilience. Through her storytelling, unique vocals, and versatile music, she offers something for almost everyone to enjoy and be inspired by. “Floating Away” is one more chapter in a musical journey that promises to reach new heights, and with Alexis at the helm, the sky’s the limit. Stay tuned for more from this remarkable artist, because when it comes to Alexis Marrero, the best is yet to come.

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