CRAFTY – “Wonder Why” Exclusive Review!

Great music for a great day! And it is always a great day when you have the chance to listen to bands like Crafty and their latest single “Wonder Why”! Energetic and powerful, this new release is going to be in our favorite playlist for a long time!

Originally from the UK, Crafty is an Indie Rock band with an alternative and Punky influence in their sound. Very active on stage, the band has been postponing the future gigs due to the coronavirus pandemic. Even though their live activity has been put on pause, this 4-piece is unstoppable and released a truly outstanding Ep “1 Sugar”.

“Wonder Why” is one of those tracks that you would expect to find in the soundtrack of a Hollywood movie. Not only it is perfect for radio play, but this song is also going to be a Hit on stage. Starting with very catchy guitar riffs, sustained by the fantastic of the rhythmic section with an outstanding job of the drummer and the bassist, this track is a clear proof of the hard work and artistry of the band.

Crafty’s sound is authentic, not pretentious, and perfectly in line and honest with their genre. The attention to detail both in the songwriting and the arrangement results in a very fresh and strong performance of the band, that thanks to the great production and recording work delivered a great track that is enjoyable from the first second to the last one! A big bravo also goes to the singer for the outstanding performance behind the microphone and for the great voice! Well done guys!

Do not miss the chance to show some love to the band when the lockdown will be lifted. Check the links below to discover more about Crafty and don’t forget to add their tracks to your favorite playlists!

Facebook: Crafty

YouTube: Crafty

Spotify: Crafty

Twitter: Crafty

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