DAVE D’MELLO – “Crazy” Exclusive Review!

Feeling an instant connection with a song is something magic, unique. This is the case of Dave D’Mello’s latest single “Crazy”, an incredible track that will resonate with you since the first listening!

Originally from Kent, UK, Dave D’Mello is a talented music DJ and producer with a long and very successful career. As DJ he has had residencies at Pacha, Revolution, and ACTV in Spain, The Play Room, Dolce, and The Gardening Club in London. Known for his funky house music and the ability to blend old school and rock, he has been producing incredible tracks also for mainstream artists such as MIA, BT, Kadoc, and D:Ream. Founder of independent dance music label Vines Vinyl Records in 2006, and sister label VVR2, Dave has always been very active in the music scene signing and producing dance, pop, and rock artists as well.

His latest single “Crazy” is a very modern track with chill vibes and suggestive ambient sounds supported by a captivating beat and dynamic rhythm. This track is proof of the incredible ability of Dave D’Mello to adapt, change, experiment, and evolve his sound. The perfect music for the perfect words, this is a challenge for many producers, especially in this genre, and D’Mello did again an outstanding job. A big Brava goes also to Eline Vera for her great performance behind the microphone.

Check the links below to discover more about Dave D’Mello’s music and don’t forget to add his tracks to your favorite playlists!

Official Website: www.davedmello.co.uk

YouTube: Dave D’Mello

Instagram: davedmello

Spotify: Dave D’Mello

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