“Kiss Your Money And Your Dreams Goodbye”: California™ and Les Fradkin’s New Single! Exclusive Review!

In the face of adversity, true artists find their voices and tell stories that resonate with the shared experiences of many.

California™, the iconic group featuring the unmatched talent of Les Fradkin, has released a powerful new single, “Kiss Your Money And Your Dreams Goodbye,” a song inspired by a real-life story of dreams, disappointment, and resilience. “Kiss Your Money And Your Dreams Goodbye” weaves a melodic tapestry that captures the essence of an unfortunate situation faced by Les and Loretta Fradkin. 

Set against a backdrop of exceptional harmonies and unforgettable melodies, the song is proof that from real-life experience, true artists can turn feelings into something that can resonate with everyone. At its core, this song narrates a poignant story. Les and Loretta Fradkin had planned a dream cruise to Israel and Egypt to celebrate their 23rd wedding anniversary. However, the outbreak of war shattered their plans, leaving them in a situation where they had to confront not only the concern for the people affected by the conflict but also their personal disappointment of unfulfilled dreams and the financial implications of a situation beyond their control.


“Kiss Your Money And Your Dreams Goodbye” not only chronicles the challenges faced by the Fradkins but also takes a surprising turn. The resilience displayed in the face of adversity, coupled with the unexpected twist in the narrative, makes this song a powerful anthem of hope, strength, and tenacity. The brilliance of the arrangement and songwriting shines through in every note. The harmonies catapult the listeners into the story, while the instrumentation creates an emotive yet intriguing atmosphere. Les Fradkin’s multifaceted talent as a vocalist, bassist, pianist, Mellotron player, guitarist, producer, and songwriter infuses the song with authenticity and depth.

What makes “Kiss Your Money And Your Dreams Goodbye” truly remarkable is its universal appeal. This new single is a reminder that even in the face of disappointment, there is a strength that resides in the human spirit, capable of overcoming the most daunting obstacles. “Kiss Your Money And Your Dreams Goodbye” is not just a song; Through the heartfelt lyrics, exceptional harmonies, and captivating arrangement, California™ and Les Fradkin have created an outstanding track that transmits hope and determination, inspiring listeners to face challenges head-on and emerge stronger on the other side.


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