Dusty Edinger Announced New Single “Broken Soul Survivor” – Exclusive Review

In the heart of the Atlanta music scene, seasoned musician Dusty Edinger is gearing up for the release of his new single, "Broken Soul Survivor."

Edinger’s musical journey is a tapestry woven with diverse experiences, from drumming in local clubs to founding bands and, more recently, embracing the role of a singer-songwriter. Edinger’s initial foray into the music world saw him as a drummer, quickly making a name for himself by playing in local Atlanta clubs at the tender age of 16. As a university student, he balanced academics with his passion for music, earning a degree in psychology while immersing himself in the local music scene by night.

The formation of Star Collector marked Edinger’s entry into the realm of songwriting. Despite the acclaim for Star Collector’s debut release, “Songs for the Whole Family,” the band faced industry complexities. Undeterred, Edinger co-founded King Friday, releasing a five-song EP and performing extensively for four years before parting ways due to lineup changes.


Edinger’s life took a turn when he found himself behind the drum kit for Metalsome in Atlanta in 2011. Although content with his role as a drummer, an unexpected creative surge occurred in December 2019. Fueled by the constraints of the COVID-19 pandemic, Edinger picked up a guitar and embarked on an intensive 12-week songwriting spree. The result of this creative outburst is the album “Missing Links and Kitchen Sinks.” Edinger’s songwriting prowess found an unexpected collaborator in Gary Stone at Dream Antenna Studios. Stone, primarily acquainted with Edinger as a drummer, embraced the challenge of producing a record that showcased Edinger’s hitherto undisclosed songwriting skills.

“Missing Links and Kitchen Sinks” captures the essence of Edinger’s creative metamorphosis during the lockdown, delivering a blend of tracks that are a departure from his drumming roots. The album features 13 songs, a testament to the prolific nature of Edinger’s songwriting during this transformative period. Reflecting on the collaboration, Edinger praises Stone’s intuitive understanding of his musical vision, referencing shared influences such as Joe Walsh, Gerry Rafferty, Queen, and The Beatles. The album became a canvas where both artists explored sonic landscapes, seamlessly integrating diverse elements into a cohesive whole.


“Broken Soul Survivor,” Edinger’s new single, marks a fundamental new milestone in his career. With a rich blend of influences and an expansive musical palette, Edinger invites listeners to embark on a new musical journey. The brilliant songwriting, the poweful riffs and guitar solos make this new single an exciting and captivating release! As Edinger breaks free from the confines of expectation, “Broken Soul Survivor” is a glimpse into the profound depths of his musical soul.

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