Glider’s Upcoming Single Out April 4th! Unveiling Berlin’s Sonic Architects – Exclusive Review

Base in Berlin's vibrant music scene, Glider is a dynamic trio whose sonic tapestries incorporate heavy, fuzzy textures with punk, rock, and lo-fi garage elements, creating an auditory experience that is as versatile as it is captivating.

This unique band comprises seasoned musicians from various renowned Berlin acts, including Summer of George, XTR Human, and IXZHILION. With their upcoming single release “Summerface” (accompanied by the b-side “Sweetness”), available from April the 4th, Glider will captivate their listeners with their innovative sound and artistic maturity.

One of the strong pillars of Glider’s musical identity is a fusion of influences ranging from 90’s punk rock to modern indie experimentation. Their forthcoming single “Summerface” is a brilliant track that showcases this eclectic blend, featuring dystopian guitar riffs, pulsating drums, and a foundation of solid bass lines that anchor the listener’s attention from the outset. The track’s melodic chorus, infused with a mesmerizing melody, adds a contemporary freshness while retaining the timeless appeal of classic punk rock anthems.


“Sweetness,” the b-side accompanying “Summerface,” further exemplifies Glider’s creativity and versatility. With its infectious energy and powerful approach, the track showcases the band’s ability to seamlessly incorporate different vibes while maintaining a cohesive and authentic sound. Drawing upon their collective experience and artistic vision, Glider demonstrates a level of maturity that belies their status as a relatively new musical entity.

With “Summerface” and “Sweetness,” Glider earned their place among some of the most interesting and unique acts in the contemporary music scene. As the release date approaches, one thing is certain: Glider’s innovative sound and boundless creativity are set to leave an indelible mark on the music landscape, reaffirming Berlin’s status as a hub of musical innovation and artistic expression. Do not miss!

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