JOANNA ALINA – Much More than Music – Exclusive Article!

Nowadays, it is very extraordinary to find artists that honestly believe in their music. In a world where appearance is mistaken with talent, it is such a pleasure discovering artists that are much more than that. Joanna Alina is one of those natural talents so, if you love music that matters,  sit back, and get ready to listen to a true artist.

Joanna Alina is a talented singer and songwriter who released some incredible tracks during the years. Even if she always dreamt of a career in music, the tragic death of her father when she was just a child, changed her path, path that led her to become a doctor. But music was in her DNA and found the way back to her life. Her songwriting is powerful, emotional, and intense, supported by a beautiful voice and the incredible ability to turn emotion into words and beautiful melodies.

Among her latest releases we can appreciate tracks such as “Love Again”, a beautiful country-pop ballade with a fresh arrangement typical of Joanna Alina’s style, and “Back to You”, a very intense track that resonates deeply with the listener from the very first seconds!  

Check the links below and discover more about Joanna Alina’s music, and don’t forget to add her tracks to your favorite playlists!


Google Play Music: Joanna Alina

YouTube: Joanna Alina

iTunes: Joanna Alina

Deezer: Joanna Alina

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