Luchi’s New Single ‘Web Of Lies’ Climbs to No. 2 on iTunes Singer/Songwriter Charts

Luchi, the talented pop artist from Glasgow, is back with his latest single, the excellent "Web Of Lies," to an immediate No. 2 slot on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter Charts. "Web Of Lies" is an intensely personal track, born from the aftermath of a painful breakup. Luchi's commanding performance envelops listeners, drawing them into the raw emotions of heartbreak and betrayal.

The song's gentle piano chords provide a haunting backdrop for Luchi's soulful vocals, while the modern arrangement and powerful production captivate the listeners from the first note to the last. In discussing the inspiration behind "Web Of Lies," Luchi shares, "I wrote 'Web Of Lies' last year after a pretty bad breakup, which is the story of my life. Thank god for songwriting as it's saved me from many a bad breakup. The song is about a relationship built on so many lies that it became impossible to keep track. It explores the games and manipulation that many of us experience in relationships. As the song progresses, the power builds, and you finally say enough is enough, and walk away from a toxic situation."

Luchi’s lyrics delve into the concept of karma, a theme that resonates throughout the track. “It feels like you’re almost being haunted with all the backing vocals and adlibs coming from different angles,” Luchi explains. “I’m not one of those people who breaks up with someone and wants revenge for the things they did. I leave that up to the universe. Writing a song about it is my therapy. The song has a darker vibe than what I’ve been releasing recently, and I like that it shows a different side to my music.”


Collaborating with producer Chris Stagg, Luchi transformed “Web Of Lies” from a vulnerable piano ballad into the edgy, powerful anthem it is today. While recharging his artistic batteries during the six-month hiatus, he had the chance to keep experimenting with different sounds and styles, enriching his pop music with different vibes and colours. Luchi’s journey in the music industry began at the age of thirteen, writing songs in his bedroom. By sixteen, he was recording original material in the studio. His debut single hit No. 9 on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter Charts, and his third single reached No. 2. Over the years, Luchi has continued to see chart success, with fifteen singles making it to the top 10 on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter Charts.


His songwriting talent has been recognized in competitions such as the UK Unsigned Songwriter of the Year 2016 and the UK Songwriting Contest, where he reached the semi-finals. Luchi also spent 2021 working with Stargate and their team at the Los Angeles Academy for Artists & Music Production, being mentored by industry heavyweights like Ne-Yo, Charli XCX, Justin Tranter, and Emily Warren. With “Web Of Lies,” Luchi once again proves his ability to captivate and connect with his audience. His soulful voice and mature lyrics offer a sense of comfort and understanding, making his music not just a listening experience, but a journey of emotional healing.

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