An Inspiring Conversation With Talented Singer-Songwriter Luchi About His Latest Singles and Much More!

After the brilliant single "You'll Hurt More," talented singer-songwriter Luchi is back with two new singles, "Mountain," and "Fix This Love," two releases linked by a thin but strong thread of thoughts, emotions, and profound feelings that deeply resonate with the listeners.

Today, at Planet Singer, we are excited to welcome once again talented artist Luchi, and discover more about these latest releases!


Hi Luchi and thanks a lot for being again with us today at Planet Singer! After the excellent single “You’ll Hurt More,” a song that resonates deeply with all those who have been through a heartbreak, you are back with another brilliant release, “Fix This Love.” What’s the story behind your latest single?

Thanks so much for having me back. Fix This Love is probably one of the saddest songs I have ever written and released. I have someone close to me who struggles with addiction and this song was born out of how I felt about the situation after a long time of trying to help them. It serves as the follow-up to my last single Mountain which spoke from the addicts’ perspective but Fix This Love is from my perspective on what it is like to have someone you care deeply about go through addiction and the struggles that come with that. It is like emotional torture watching someone you care about destroy their lives and every effort you make to help them doesn’t work. I really feel for anyone going through it as it’s such a painful experience for both parties involved, the addicts and their loved ones so that is why I wanted to release them back to back so that people can see both sides of the coin and how addiction destroys not just the addicts’ life but those around them too. 

You mentioned your last single, “Mountain” which is another incredible track you released recently. Can you tell us more about this song?

Mountain is a really powerful song for me. It was written last year and it was inspired by a conversation that I had with the same person Fix This Love is about. I was trying to get them to get help and they just didnt feel strong enough. It takes so much strength to pull yourself out of rock bottom and start the healing journey so you have to build up that resilience in yourself to take on the fight. Your demons can be so loud and powerful sometimes, our heads can really be a hard place to live. I have been there before with my own mental health journey so I could relate and also used some of my own experience to make the song as relatable as possible. I think lots of people can relate this to their own lives, whatever their own personal mountain is, you have to be ready to take the first step and know you have the inner strength to take on the uphill struggle to recovery.

“Fix This Love” is more than a song, it is a statement, an open-hearted message of hope and somehow forgiveness towards a loved one and ourselves. Do you think these feelings can “Fix” love?

Oh, that’s a really tough question to answer. I always believe there is a way back to fixing love that was broken but it is difficult. Both parties need to be willing to have the tough and open conversations needed. I think this song serves as a way of forgiving myself knowing that I’ve done all I could to help. We can sometimes beat ourselves up thinking we could have done more, said something different but sometimes we have to live with the outcome the way it turns out and allow ourselves to know that we’ve done the best we could and not live in the what ifs. 


In our previous interview, you weren’t sure if “You’ll Hurt More” would have led toward a full-length. Do you still think these singles will be individual releases or do you see an album on the horizon?

At the moment, they are just individual releases but there will be an album one day. I have an idea for a concept as I love a theme and a storyline but I’ll keep the details of that to myself for now as I like to surprise my audience. Even with my past EP’s, I have always loved the idea of a storyline running through the songs and it telling a story from start to finish. With my EP “Me + Tears Ain’t Strangers” released in January of this year, I gave the listener a snapshot into 3 different points in my life the previous year. It told the story from having my heart broken in “He Said”, to losing my identity in “Losing My Mind” to finding my strength and courage again in “Faith”. As a music fan, I love when I get an album and it has a theme and a storyline running through it rather than just a bunch of tracks placed together. I think it makes it a bit more interesting. 

If “You’ll Hurt More” is more dance-oriented, “Fix This Love” shows your versatility in a beautiful arrangement that, through the piano, acoustic guitars, and strings, shows a new side of your artistry. How important is it to you to be able to “change skin” artistically?

I love to show all the different sides of myself through my music. I am a multi-layered human being and I think that each song has its own identity so that is where I like to take it musically. For me, it’s about what the song needs rather than saying I am going to do ballads or uptempo bangers. Also for live performance, you want to change up the mood and have moments of light amongst the heavy stuff. Even if it’s an uptempo banger or a softer ballad, I hope my audience knows they will always get a vulnerability running through it and get a glimpse into my soul.

Let’s talk about the lyrics of this song. Once again your interpretation goes straight to the point, bringing each word to life. How important for you is the narrative behind this song?

If you ask anyone around me, they will say I am a very direct person in my conversations. I don’t like to beat around the bush and am not really a small-talk kind of guy. I often say, I’ll show you my scars, you show me yours as I want to connect with people on a deeper level than just talking about the weather so my songwriting is no different. The narrative behind this song is to show how devastating this situation can be for people so I think it was important to be brutally honest. I love the opening line of “You set fire to your life, just so you could dance in the flames that you caused, didn’t care what you lost” as I think that paints such a picture and draws you in. Even the chorus which is very simple with “Can’t say I didn’t try, when it was you who gave up, can’t say I didn’t try to fix this love” is different from my usual choruses as I am quite a wordy writer and often cram a lot of lyrics in to tell the story but I think with this it is the simplicity of just saying I’ve done all I can and live with the peace of that. 

The last time we spoke you were off to LA for a few weeks to write. Did “Fix This Love” come to life during this period in the US?

I actually wrote Fix This Love last year so it wasn’t on this writing trip but some of the songs from my recent trip to LA, you may hear in the not-so-distant future. 

If you could collaborate with one of the artists who influenced and/or inspired you in your artistic journey, who would you like to share a song and the stage with?

There are so many and I always say P!nk or Kelly Clarkson because they are my OG loves but I’ll change it up for this interview. I would love to collab with an artist like Adam Lambert as I think it could be a really cool combination of two LGBTQI+ artists who have different styles but I reckon we could make a killer song. With his flamboyance and amazingly powerful voice, combined with my vulnerability and softer vocal delivery, I think it would be a great representation of all the great LGBTQI+ artists out there and our diversity. He really inspired me as he had quite a lot of backlash after he kissed a guy on stage early in his career but he refused to give into the hate and continued to build an amazing career so I have so much respect for him being unapologetically himself and standing in his truth.

Are you planning any live shows in support of the singles?

Everyone is asking for me to perform again so I guess I’m going to have to get back on stage soon. While there is nothing to announce right this second, keep an eye out next year and that may just happen.

Let’s go technical. Your voice is amazing, and it seems like you have full control of your instrument. Is this the result of singing lessons or are you a natural singer?

Thank you so much for that. I am a natural singer mostly as I sing from a place of feeling. I open my mouth and it just comes out the way it’s supposed to which I am lucky with but I have had a few lessons along the way to make sure I am properly looking after my voice and not doing any damage. I went through a period a few years ago when my voice was not at its best and I kept losing it. I had a few lessons just to get it back on track so for me, it’s great to learn all the technical things about your voice and know how to look after it but once you do, you kind of have to put that to one side and get back to singing from the soul and allowing it to flow naturally.


What are your plans for the future? Any new release coming out soon?

This is the last single for the year as 2023 has been a busy one and I’m going to take a few weeks off for my birthday on 21st December and Christmas but I have music ready to go for the first quarter of next year and I can’t wait to release it. I think my audience is going to love it. 

Luchi it was such a pleasure having you with us today, is there anything you would like to say to our readers?

Thank you for having me back and to the readers I would just say I hope that you know that no matter what life throws your way, you are strong enough to conquer anything, just believe in yourself and trust your gut and you’ll always find your way. 

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