Orange Dolla Fox – “Don’t Fox with Me” Exclusive Review!

The music industry world is a complicated yet fascinating environment. While artists on the front line often take 100% of merits, awards, and recognition, there is an underworld behind them, a fantastic machine that works with them to achieve those goals. Songwriters, producers, and ghost-producers often work behind the scene, contributing with their talent to the success of a record and artist’s career. Orange Dolla Fox is one of those who have been creating incredible music, supporting other talented artists with his tracks. Today, at Planet Singer, we have the great pleasure to listen to his first album, “Don’t Fox with Me,” a collection of tracks that feature all of those artists he has been working with during his exceptional career as a producer!


Orange Dolla Fox is a gifted artist, composer, producer, ghost-producer, and creative originally from France. in his career, which spans over fifteen years, Fox has been ghostwriting for Dancehall Afropop producers, working with countless artists on many productions. With his “Don’t Fox with Me,” we finally see him taking more control of his art. Like a captain on a spaceship, he is joined by a crew of incredible artists that, contributing with their talent, turned this album into an Afropop, Dancehall, and Reggaeton masterpiece!

“Don’t Fox with Me” is an incredible release. Starting from the opening track “Nuestra Noche” (Our Night), we are captured by the exciting groove, catchy rhythms, and memorable melodies, a constant that we perceive in all fifteen tracks. The album proceeds with the brilliant “Mash Up,” “Show You,” “Verde,” and “Africa,” to name a few, all the way down to the exceptional arrangement and dynamic “Tu Tiburon,” which closes the circle! “Don’t Fox with Me” is one of those albums that captivates the listeners’ attention from the first track to the last, and we can’t wait for Orange Dolla Fox’s next release!w

Check the links below and discover more about Orange Dolla Fox and his music, and don’t forget to add his album “Don’t Fox With Me” to your favorite playlists!

Spotify: Orange Dolla Fox

Instagram: Orangedollafox

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