Shaun Johnson & The Big Band Experience’s new album “Made For Her” is OUT NOW!

"Made For Her" is another incredible album that enriches the excellent discography of a truly talented artist!

After the excellent previous albums “Capitol” and “The Set List,” released in 2019, Shaun Johnson is back with another outstanding album, a collection of eight tracks that go straight to the listeners’ hearts, captivating them from the first second to the last!

Today, at Planet Singer, we have the great pleasure of listening to Shaun Johnson & The Big Band Experience’s new album, diving into the art of this incredible artist!

Shaun Johnson is an Emmy Award-winning singer-songwriter. Gifted with a warm and rich voice, Shaun is one of his kind. His music incorporates all those intimate yet powerful vibes that make his music so unique. With his latest release, “Made For Her,” Shaun Johnson is back stronger than before, with a tracklist that will leave you breathless.

Starting with the captivating “Sing Me Anything,” we can feel the refined and tasteful songwriting, supported by Shaun’s outstanding performance. Meaningful lyrics, catchy and fresh arrangements, and that unique twist that makes Shaun’s musical trademark are the perfect ingredient to another excellent release. The exceptional tracklist proceeds with the convincing “Multiplied By Two,” the intense “All Because of You,” “This Old Man,” the emotional “Losing You,” and “Say Goodnight.”

A brilliant remix of “Multiplied By Two” and the outstanding live performance of “Love Me Tender” close the circle of one of the best releases of 2021! Shaun Johnson & The Big Band Experience’s new album “Made For Her” is a rare gem, and we can’t wait for Shaun’s next release!

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