“Super Boom” The Electrifying Anthem by The New Occupants and Mr MooQ is OUT NOW!

In a world increasingly intertwined with artificial intelligence, where technology dances on the edge of the extraordinary, The New Occupants and Mr MooQ have gifted us a pulsating sonic experience titled "Super Boom."

This single, a delightful fusion of catchy melodies, electrifying beats, and poignant lyrics, is not just music; it’s a lyrical exploration of the dawn of AI and the uncertainties it brings. “Super Boom” navigates the intricate web of our coexistence with artificial intelligence, painting a picture both amusing and unsettling. 

The song’s captivating blend of electronica and dance arrangements catapults listeners into a world where machines mingle with humanity, blurring the lines of reality. With its infectious beat, the song becomes a time machine, propelling us into a future where AI’s omnipresence challenges our very existence.


The New Occupants, masters of synth-heavy retro-wave anthems, join forces with Mr MooQ, an artist whose musical prowess knows no bounds. The result? A musical odyssey that is a mirror reflecting the anxieties of our modern world. The collaboration feels not just like a song but an experience, an auditory adventure into the unknown. “Super Boom” not only explores the rise of AI but delves into a hypothetical scenario where extraterrestrial forces contemplate hitting the cosmic reset button. The tragicomic narrative unfolds, inviting listeners to ponder the implications of our technological dance with the enigma of our existence. Are we, like characters in an intergalactic play, nearing a ‘super boom,’ a cosmic reboot that might wipe humanity from the planet?

Supported by an engaging and entertaining video clip, “Super Boom” isn’t merely a song; it’s a multidimensional art form. The brilliant arrangement and songwriting, marked by Mr MooQ’s storytelling finesse and The New Occupants’ sonic wizardry, make this single a standout release in 2023.


“Super Boom” is not merely a song; it’s a sonic revolution. The New Occupants and Mr MooQ have woven a tapestry of sound and story, inviting us to contemplate the future while grooving to the present. In an age where the lines between humanity and technology blur, this single emerges as a musical manifesto, challenging us to dance in the face of the unknown. In a world where uncertainty looms large, “Super Boom” reminds us that even in the face of cosmic resets and AI advances, music remains our eternal companion, guiding us through the enigma of existence. So, put on your headphones, turn up the volume, and let “Super Boom” by The New Occupants and Mr MooQ lead you on an electrifying journey through sound, space, and the meaning of our existence.

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