This Ability releases his debut album, “Traces Of Techno!” – Exclusive Review!

"Traces Of Techno" is OUT NOW!

This Ability takes us on a journey around the world with his sensational first album, a six-piece release that convinced us from the first track to the last. Much more than Techno music, much more than Electronica, the incredible work This Ability did on this tracklist reflects the undeniable talent and a clear vision of a truly unique artist. After he had finished his service in the German army, This Ability traveled for three years around the world, finding himself and his happiness.

Today, at Planet Singer, we have the pleasure of discovering more about this talented artist and sharing one of the best Techno releases of 2022 so far!

“Traces Of Techno” starts with the excellent “Influenced Decisions,” a song that opens up the gate to what is going to be a brand-new soundscape! Hammering bass drum sounds introduce us to this opening track, a crescendo of intensity that, through dramatic reverbs, releases its energy when snare, hi-hat, and dreamy synths insinuate the captivating melody. The second track, “Capture Rapture,” is another brilliant song that, like the title says, captures the audience’s attention from the very beginning. Emphasis on the songwriting; the rhythmic structure of the song is incredibly dynamic, leaving all the space necessary for the melody lines to frame emotions and reflective vibes.


With the third track, “Ravers of Agrabah,” we have an even clearer idea of the artistic vision behind This Ability’s release. Synths and rhythms alternate in an intriguing way, delining various harmonies and melodies as if they are speaking to one another. Dynamic and energetic, the song’s energy is constant, keeping the listener engaged from the first second to the last!


The concept of storytelling is even more evident with the hammering “Tunguska,” with its eastern sonorities, and the powerful “Abrupt Chaos,” with its magnetic and ethereal arrangements! “Kill the Neurotransmitters” closes this brilliant release with another stream of energy mixed with direct and never-predictable melodies. “Traces Of Techno” is an incredible debut album that shows This Ability’s undeniable talent, taste, and artistic maturity, and we can’t wait for his next release!


Check the links below, discover more about This Ability and his music, and don’t forget to add his tracks to your favorite playlists!

Official Website:

Spotify: This Ability

TikTok: @this_ability

Soundcloud: this_ability

This Ability releases his debut album, “Traces Of Techno!”

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