YOUNG NEGRENSÉ – “Roadtonowhere” Exclusive Review!

You recognize good music from the first seconds, and today, at Planet Singer, we have the great pleasure of listening to one of those young artists that surprise for their ability to turn their emotions into music. Young Negrensé is a talented singer, songwriter, and music producer based on Vancouver Island B.C., where he has been feeding his passion for music for many years. After exploring the various processes of music creation, recording beats, and bases, Young started also recording his own vocals, which led to his unique style and trademark sound!

“Roadtonowhere” is one of the singles from his album “Black Swan,” an incredible release that shows the maturity and versatility of an artist making the right steps towards a new chapter of his music career. “Roadtonowhere” starts with a very catchy guitar riff, which is immediately supported by the drums’ slow tempo rhythm. Intense and mesmerizing, this track is the perfect frame for Young Negrensé’s extraordinary vocal performance. His incredible songwriting skills, the passionate lyrics, and the ability to interpret every word with pathos and charisma make this track a real hit!

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Official Website:

Google Music: Young Negrensé

YouTube: Young Negrensé

Instagram: youngnegrense

Facebook: youngnegrense

Twitter: youngnegrense

Soundcloud: youngnegrense

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