Alex Gadala – “Se Me Acaba el Tiempo” Exclusive Review!

Some artists are good in one genre; others cannot limit their creativity to a single style and widen their horizons, creating music that incorporates different influences and vibes. This is the beauty of real art, the absence of limits, and artists like Alex Gadala are proof of how creativity should always be free to express itself. Today, at Planet Singer, we have the great pleasure of listening to his latest single, “Se Me Acaba el Tiempo,” a fantastic track available in two arrangements that will steal your attention from the first second to the last one!


“Se Me Acaba el Tiempo” is a great track. Alex Gadala did a fantastic job creating two completely different versions of the song, one as a Bachata and another with a Salsa arrangement! Both tracks shine with incredible positivity and purity, two qualities that are rare nowadays. For those who don’t understand Spanish, these lyrics talk about love, sweetly and poetically; love that warms the heart and keeps us away from loneliness.

The Salsa arrangement gives the track intense energy and a contagious vitality. Simultaneously, the Bachata version shows a more intimate, passionate, and emotional side of the song thanks to the slow-paced rhythms and the beautiful sound choices! In both versions, not only we appreciate Alex’s talent as a composer and songwriter, but we also enjoy his outstanding vocals, thanks to his excellent interpretation behind the microphone. “Se Me Acaba el Tiempo” is a fantastic song, and we can’t wait for Alex Gadala’s next releases, and hopefully, a full-length album soon!

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