An Inspiring Conversation With Brion Holcomb From the Band Psychodelic Caravan – Exclusive Interview

Psychodelic Caravan is a Kansas City, Missouri-based classic rock cover band comprised of music scene veterans performing everyone’s fave blues & classic rock radio hits.

The guys are currently busy writing a few original songs and preparing for an early 2024 international release. We had the chance to have an inspiring chat with Brion Holcomb, vocals and guitar, discovering some behind-the-scenes of their upcoming releases!

(Cover Song: Jesus Just Left Chicago. Original artist: ZZ Top) Vocals on this track by: Allen Brooks


Hello Brion, thank you for being with us today! Let’s start from the very beginning. How long has Psychodelic Caravan been performing shows together? 

Brion Holcomb: It’ll be 7 years this November when we first started getting together and rehearsing songs and seriously putting the band together to go out and start hitting clubs. With the long-term goal of doing original music as well. But we spent a couple of months in the basement and our first gigs weren’t until the following Spring. 

How many members are in the band and what are their names? 

Brion Holcomb: We’re a three-piece rock band from the Kansas City, Mo. area. All veteran players who each have had their own musical paths that have made us the players we are today. On drums, vocals, dazzling socks & The Bus Driver is “Smokin’ Doug Thompson. Bass guitar, vocals & most of our limited choreography are handled entirely by Mr. Allen Brooks. I fill in the rest of the sonic space with some stand-out footwear, vocals, and a guitar that goes from Sweet to Blazing (depending on the song)! 

Where does the band mostly play? 

Brion Holcomb: Over the years we’ve played a lot of the clubs on the east side of the Kansas City, Missouri area. Quite a few of which are not in business anymore, but we still are. I think that’s a good sign. We also play in Iowa quite a bit in the summer. We seem to do really well with the bikers up there and the regular folks too at the bars and motorcycle rallies. So that’s been a lot of fun for us. We’ve also played in Kansas a little bit and we’re always looking for new places to play for sure! We’re at the point now where we’d like to expand further into Columbia, St. Louis, Omaha. Expand our range a bit. 

After seven years together, and doing around 50 shows a year, you guys are a well-established music reality in Missouri and Iowa. How do you guys keep the spark alive after many years of playing together? 

Brion Holcomb: That’s a great question. I think the main thing is we just try to have fun with it all the time. We’re at the point in our lives where if it is too much work then it’s not fun anymore. So we’ve chosen to keep it light. We don’t take ourselves too seriously. Nobody bags on anybody else. If they have a problem with something we all try to pitch in and make it happen. I think we’ve got a pretty good friendship going amongst us where we can all talk about whatever’s going on and hopefully work out whatever it is. Then we go on and we have a good time with it and try to put on a great show. I don’t think in a three-piece. You can phone it in at any time. You have to put on a good show every time or else it could be ugly. 


Many bands work on their material from the very first day, and this can result in a sound that is not united, solid, or fluid. Psychodelic Caravan has strong pillars now, and a style that is mature and unique. Do you think this is one of the elements that will make your new original songs better than if you had recorded initially when first formed? 

Brion Holcomb: Well, I’ve played in a lot of bands over the years. Both cover bands, originals only, and combinations of the two. It seems to me that it does take a while for a band to develop their identity and see what roles everybody’s going to play on stage and off. Everybody’s got a part to play both on stage and behind the scenes, my personal favorite loading equipment, but I digress. The advantage to us being together so long now is we’ve all got the same attitude. We’ve even got a look and we’ve got a sound. If you’ve ever seen us play live, you know that we take a lot of liberties with the cover songs anyway and make them our own. We have a huge pallet of grooves and sounds to choose from with our originals and I think people are really going to get a kick in the ass out of them. 

If you could collaborate with an artist that has inspired you, who would it be? 

Brion Holcomb: Oh, wow! Haha! I guess I’ve got two replies to that one. If it was anyone alive or dead I’d have to say Jimi Hendrix I mean how great would that be? He’s the guy that kind of inspired me to start playing the guitar as a kid and I like his whole zen approach to life. We’ve all got to love each other, you know. Hmmm, now living artist, I’m going to say my dream collaborator would be Brian May. He’s still kicking ass and he’s another guy that inspired me to play the guitar and sing. I’d say he’s definitely got a little blame in it. 

Are you looking to get on any Midwest or national tours next year? 

Brion Holcomb: Yeah, we’re really looking to take it to the next level next year. The band will have some original songs to promote! Not just t-shirts. Although, have you seen our t-shirts? They’re pretty kick ass. Tie-dyed shirts that you can read I’m A Psycho on them from across a field! We’re hoping we can keep turning heads like we’ve been doing at some of these big abate rallies and such. We’re always willing to talk to anybody that wants us to play a club, a party, or a show and we’re always open to assistance with promotions and bookings. 

Blues, rock, and much more, Psychodelic Caravan has its own sound and style. Is this due to the artistic vision that you guys share with your audience? 

Brion Holcomb: I think we view it as more of a symbiotic relationship between the artist and the audience. A lot of it is trial and error. We’re constantly trying to acquire more material that goes over well with the majority of the people that dig us. 


You guys wear a lot of very colorful clothing on stage. How did the tie-dye stage look come about? 

Brion Holcomb: I remember seeing an interview with Elvis and he said that Liberace told him to dress as wild as he could because you want people to know you’re the talent. You’re not just another dude in the bar. And going with the tie-dyes is just the latest incarnation of that attitude. But you never know what kind of crazy stuff we’re going to wear next. 

Brion, it was such a pleasure having you with us today! Is there anything you would like to say to our readers and your fans?

Brian Holcomb: Well, thank you so much! It’s been a pleasure. We want to thank everybody that’s been supporting us over the years. All our friends and family and we want everybody in the world to look for our songs when they come out here next year. Be sure to check out our Facebook and YouTube pages. Peace out everybody! 

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