An Inspiring Conversation With Talented Artist Melvin Fromm Jr.!

Captivating and enriching, Melvin Fromm Jr's music will take you to new soundscapes!

Gifted with a unique sound and artistic sensibility, Melvin Fromm Jr is one of those songwriters and composers whose music reaches the listeners deeply, captivating them from the first note to the last.


Today, at Planet Singer, we have the pleasure of discovering more about this talented artist, diving into his world with an exclusive interview!


Hi Melvin, and thanks for being with us today at Planet Singer. Your music is incredible, and we are thrilled to know more about you and your artistic journey, so let’s start from the beginning. When did you discover your passion for music?

Thanks so much for having me and this chance to share with you about my music. Well my music passion started 25 years ago when I was writing a letter to my future wife Percy [Now my wife for 22 years now.] and thought this sounds like a song you could hear on the radio. So I came up with a song called “What I Feel” as I wanted to make a demo of the song, and back then great demo companies were very picky about who they would make song demos for but of course, I went to a top demo house in Nashville to make the song and the picked the song to record it as a demo with great male vocals and just a guitar. The demo company put me in touch with a major contact in Nashville who turned out to be from my state when they were growing up as they liked the song overall but it was not radio ready [Radio ready back then was a full band song.] and maybe I should try overseas to get radio airplay. So I sent a CD copy and letter to a Canadian DJ of a radio station that would play indie music. A few weeks later I got a letter from the Canadian DJ asking me for my phone number as he wanted to call me before they played my music as I sent him my phone number. 

About a week later the Canada DJ called me and we talked for about a half hour and got along so well like we were old friends as he went on to play the song and the song got great feedback. The Canada DJ went on to call me every few weeks, kept playing my music, and had me via live phone interviews many times on his radio show. I shocked the Canada DJ when I wrote a song about him and sent it to him as he had me live via phone interview the day he played it live on the air and you could tell in his voice it meant a lot to him. On one personal phone call to me from the Canada DJ he told me he knew and talked to Country singer Doc Williams who started his own record label putting out his own music to radio for more than five decades as he had Doc tune in when I was live many times via phone interviews on the air as Doc liked my music and me always being down to earth on the air as Doc passed along tips that helped my music go worldwide on the radio in more than 100 countries. Over time I started to make and produce my own music with an award-winning music team that helped me even become the most popular “Artist Feature” ever on a UK radio station website with over 3 million views @

The Canada DJ & Doc Williams both passed away a while ago but I am truly thankful to God for them being in my life and helping me along the way at the start of my musical journey as I will always remember them and they will always have a special spot in my music story.

Among your composition, which one has a special place in your discography?

I really hope it’s okay to have 3 that stand out for me.

#1 of course is my first song “What I Feel” as it helped kick off my music journey thanks to the grace & favor of God.

#2 “Your The One” an upbeat pop song duet vocal that was my first #1 on the Official International Charts Of Independent Music in 2023 and has won many indie awards worldwide.

#3 “Lucky Dog Dreams” song first instrumental song to hit #1 on the Official International Charts Of Independent Music.

Let’s talk about your latest release; how did the project come to life?

Well, I and the award-winning music team are always in the studio making new music almost every day and have new music coming out daily on streaming sites. Also added to a Grammy-winning Oscar-winning music catalog, 2 major network tv content music catalogs, and music being played on overhead business radio in malls and stores worldwide. So we always have the ball rolling on new projects and a lot of great ideas come from the team about what kind of music we should try to make then we try to bring the music to life in the recording studio.

Your songwriting style is unique. Can you reveal what your creative process is?

Well if the team and I are doing instrumental music we work on what instruments we would like to put together and then work on the melody to make a good quality natural flowing arrangement feeling songs. If it’s a song that has lyrics we work on the lyrics first then work on what instruments we would like in the song then put the melody together then bring in some really great male or female vocals to bring good quality songs to life. All of my music is original and we like to blend styles together of different instruments to make good music people may have never heard before. It’s what makes my music different and catching the ears of over 800 radio stations around the world playing my music of many styles as I always hear my music always has radio chart potential. On May 21, 2023, I even made the “Hall Of Fame ” for the most songs played on Amazing Radio Networks worldwide since 2021.


Where do you find your inspiration?

Well in the beginning it was love, life, and dreams. As things grew it was getting recognition for my music, up for music awards, and the many deals and people that wanted to work with me and my music from around the world. I just landed a deal with an indie record label that worked with country star Hunter Hayes at the start of his music career to get noticed to help my music on SoundCloud grow even more as it has reached 785k streams and growing according to Songstats when I searched my name Composer Melvin Fromm Jr.. Your music has to have that really good factor before this indie label will even hear your stuff and thanks to the grace of God it kinda fell into place with lots of hard work and really great music teams and all the love and support worldwide from so many people. I truly have a long list of people to thank as I’m grateful to all of them on my music journey because without them I would not have gotten this far in music. It’s a big reason I will always stay grounded as a person and keep learning and working hard on my music.

Who would you like to work with if you could collaborate with one of the artists, composers, and producers that influenced your artistic journey?

Thanks to the grace of God this has happened for me as many of the award-winning producers and award-winning musicians have worked with major artists of pop, country, jazz, blues, and more to help me make a lot of my music. If you heard major artists on the radio then you heard these award-winning producers and award-winning musicians working on my music. The deal I have in place with this amazing team is for studio recording work only of my music and I can not share their names to push or boost my music but I’m okay with that as I love their talent and skills that help my music sound catch so many ears worldwide. Glory to God for this amazing chance.

If you could give a piece of advice to those songwriters and artists just starting their careers in music, what would it be?

Make sure you always put out quality music and know you have to work really hard to be different than all the others coming out with music around the world as 99% of the time it does not happen overnight. When I first started out I had someone in the music industry ask me what makes you different then all the others doing music worldwide. I am always hearing from people the new music coming out most of the time from new indie artists is not that good or everyone thinks they are a great rapper and the next big thing. Always work hard to get better with music and learn all you can keep pounding and the right people will find you if you truly have musical talent. Also, you don’t have to push your music on everyone you come across as I don’t like it when people come up to me and say “Hey dude check out my music it’s really great” It’s a huge turn-off for me and I will never go listen to their music. I had a recent travel on a train and had an older woman set next to me and ask me what I did, and I said freelance music composer, as I never pushed my music on her at all as she shared all the music she liked and watched on YouTube with me. Just before my stop to get off the train, she asked my name and more about me and she was going to look me up online and I said “Okay thank you nice talking to and have a safe travel.” Humble pie is the best lesson in music I learned along the way in my 25 years doing music.


Not only Pop music; your songwriting stands out thanks to your ability to explore different styles and genres. How important is it to you to be free to explore music without boundaries?

Well, exploring music without boundaries is the #1 reason I love to make music and the reason it’s catching so many ears worldwide. When I first started out I had a record label want to work with me and promise me a lot of things but wanted to put boundaries on my music as I said no I pass. I had a music management team work with me for a little over a month to try the same thing with my music with the boundaries thing and I told them goodbye also. I had someone in the music industry tell me to stay true to myself and my music as what I am doing to the right people has a lot of value and makes me stand out from others doing the music thing. I did find a music company about 5 years ago that loves my music and lets me release whatever I want as much as I want as long as it’s really good quality music to all streaming sites under my own name and they take care of everything for me and to date I have released around 4,600 songs with them and growing daily. Having no boundaries on my music helped me just get my name added to the “Best Indie Music Artist List” & “Best Song Catalog List” by the Official International Charts Of Independent Music. 

Fantastic, so, what are your plans for the future?

Well, my future plans will have a lot more new music coming out. I am also working on getting my music in film and TV projects and seeing what other music deals that come along that work out for the best for all of us working on the projects. I always have people reaching out to me with music deals but turn down a lot due to bad contracts as I have been at this for a long time now thanks to the grace of God so I’m not a pushover or just want a music deal so much I will take a bad deal. I have worked too hard to get this far and it has not been easy as I also hit bumps in the road of life but God has placed so many breaks in my music journey to reach this level and I have a ton of people to thank along the way for their help as I will always remember everyone that helped me or supported my music worldwide.

Melvin, it was such a pleasure having you with us today. Is there anything you want to say to our readers and your fans?

To the Planet Singer readers thank you so much for your time for letting me share my music story with you. I hope you found it interesting in some way and it didn’t put you asleep. [Just joking about sleeping I hope.] If my music story has peaked your interest in maybe hearing my music please click on the music links below to hear it. Also, you can keep up with me and my music @ or just search Composer Melvin Fromm Jr..

To all the great worldwide fans of my music who showed so much love and support for my music, all I can say is thank you from the bottom of my heart as it truly means the world to me as I would be no place without the great fans worldwide of my music as you are the backbone that keeps me making the music and keeping me growing in so many ways when it comes to music. Also to everyone who ever touched my music journey in any way over the past 25 years, I want to say a big thank you also as each and every one of you have helped mold my music journey into what it is today. I will always be grateful and thankful to you all and may God’s blessing & favor always shine over all of you.

Check the links below, discover more about Melvin Fromm Jr. and his music, and remember to add his tracks to your favorite playlists!


Spotify: Melvin Fromm Jr.

Soundcloud: Melvin Fromm Jr.

YouTube: Melvin Fromm Jr.

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