An intriguing conversation with talented artist Comatose Red Ivy!

Gifted with a unique vision, a strong sensibility and a deep understanding of human emotions, Comatose Red Ivy is one of the most intriguing, true, raw, and direct artists in the multi-genre music panorama.

Today we have the pleasure of discovering more about Comatose Red Ivy with an exclusive interview!


Hello Ivy, thanks for being back with us at Planet Singer! Your music is intriguing, powerful, and captivating and your latest release continues your artistic journey with the same emphasis as your previous works. Can you tell us more about your latest single?

Well, thank you for the compliments for starters, and uhh, yeah my newest single is KILLER DOLL, but today we talk about WE THE PEOPLE, an equality track, suited with 4 other Equality, Peace, and Love tracks on the EP, “Let Go and Let God”, super dope song recognizing the strength that every single one of us has to survive as a society and paying tribute to the history and legacy of the United States of America.

The pandemic influenced many artists. Is this true for you as well?

Absolutely, the pandemic was when I started making music, I went crazy being inside, all alone, and lost my mind after being poisoned, lost my mind so much so, a ghost named Comatose taught me how to Rap and Sing.

You get inspired by your real-life experiences. What advice would you give to those persons who went through traumas and other bad situations? How can they turn them into something positive as you did with your art?

It gets better, one day or one minute at a time. Find a way to project how you feel, whether, music, drawing, or even coloring, there is a remedy to help us all survive. I even have twin My Pet Monster dolls as therapy pets, because it helps.

As a trans person, what do you think about the recent increase in the press about gender dysphoria, pronouns, and gender equality?

I think, God is working on getting this sorted out, evolution will occur as it is, and soon, one-day bigotry and hate will be eradicated from Earth. . . “I have, a Dream.” Check out my LGQBTQ EP, for more on this, it’s also an equality acceptance album.


Why do you think there aren’t many trans artists in music on an international level?

Because the world hates transgenders, sure yeah some people can turn their heads, and others can be your friend, but at the end of the day, collectively we are not accepted ideologically. Also, think about this for me I’m a transgender woman, but I sound like a Dude, I had to face that reality, do I fake my voice or go with what’s natural, so, I went with the male, natural voice and it’s worked out very well.

Have you thought about making a show with your music and art?

No, I don’t watch TV if that’s the kind of show you’re referring to, or if you mean, like do a Live Show, I do impromptu shows often all across my city and if I ever hit a label I’d perform my albums for sure.

In your new projects, we find new vibes, rock meets hip-hop. How do you choose the style of a song? Do you keep the focus on the message you want to deliver or do you follow your instinct?

What you’re hearing is me coming out of the shell I went into after the planned homicide against my life, I’m reflecting and projecting a ton of different emotions and feelings, and also love telling stories. First and foremost, I’m a writer. I keep the focus on the message I want to deliver based per project, track per track, or album per album.

Your single $100 RANSOM is such a great song, can you tell us more about it?

Hey thanks for that, well there’s a Gangster in Cincinnati named Mike Mann, if you Google “Mike Mann $100 Ransom” you’ll see he was accused of kidnapping someone for a $100 ransom, I thought the idea was funny, so I took everyone on a ride, storytelling 101.


What are your plans for the future?

Cut more tracks, and pray I’m signed one day even if to a small label, just something or somewhere so I can sustain life on my art.

Ivy, it was such a pleasure having you with us today! Is there anything you would like to say to our readers?

Yes, the best place to listen to my music is Spotify, Soundcloud, or Youtube. Just Google me, Comatose Red Ivy.

Love the Love You Have y’all!

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