Big Bus Dream’s upcoming single “Giant In My Mind” out June 3rd, 2021!

Soulful, intense, and engaging, artists like Mike Shannon have the rare gift to reach the heart of the listeners from the first second to the last.

“Giant In My Mind” is one of those songs everyone should listen to. The excellent arrangements, the beautiful narrative, and memorable melodies make this song a powerful release that will enrich the discography of this talented artist!

Today, at Planet Singer, we have the great pleasure of chatting with Shannon about his projects with Big Bus Dream and his latest single in an exclusive interview!

Hi Mike, thanks a lot for being here at Planet Singer today. We are thrilled to talk about your latest release and discover more about your music and artistic journey, but let’s start from the beginning; when did you discover your passion for music? When did your Big Bus Dream see the light?

Probably around the age of 9 or 10. It wasn’t just rock music that triggered my interest. It was hearing earlier swing, R&B records and classical compositions, like Brahms in particular, that made me say wow. It has always been the song melody and song hook for me that stops me to listen.

Your style is unique; where do you find inspiration?

I don’t know about other writers, but I mostly find myself standing outside most situations looking in as an observer. This perspective brings (for me) a journalist perspective. I also, hear most sounds around me as beats, musical hooks which has always been helpful in my music.

Your single, “Giant In My Mind,” is an excellent track that shows your incredible songwriting skills, but also your maturity as an artist. Can you tell us more about this song?

I was reviewing a lot of my old music files, artifacts and such. It struck me that in order to persevere in music, and in life, I really had created without knowing an image of myself that could push on and take the punches. I knew Big Bus Dream partially came about because of this in 2006 but the Giant in My Mind really defines this journey.

Another thing that is evident about this song and your previous songs is the narrative of your lyrics, intense and intimate, that goes straight to the listener’s heart. How important is it for you to make sure that your message reaches your audience in the most natural way?

It’s important that it has conviction and substance. But I have mostly been impressed with a lyric when it can mean something different to different people. Basically, a trigger for their moment in time.

The past couple of years have been tough; the live scene is just starting to move its first steps. Do you think we will go back to the pre-pandemic, or will live-streaming start to be the norm for the new generations? Are you planning some gigs anytime soon?

Starting to plan gigs but gigs have evolved to include streaming gigs. I do think the pandemic has changed the live scene and, of course for better or worse, music streaming which has grown to be the business model/norm – and the multitude of platforms. The business of music is a hugely different model than it used to be. We can thank Napster for that (said with a touch of disdain).

If you could collaborate with one of the artists that most influenced you and your music, who would you like to share the stage or a song with?

It’s funny that at this point in my life I really could not come up with a particular artist that I would want to collaborate or share a stage with. There have been several artists that have influenced me, from Harry Chapin to Kurt Cobain. I would like to spend time writing and playing again with a few of the folks I worked with many years ago. I also would love to spend some time singing with my Father, who passed away several years ago.

Your songwriting is brilliant; the arrangement of your song “Giant In My Mind” is modern yet with that classic rock vibe, delicate yet powerful. Did you write this song all in one go, spontaneously, or did it take some times to achieve such an excellent result?

The tune began as a song about saying goodbye to a friend at a rail station. It then took this turn to what it became – and it did this all-in-one session.

“Giant In My Mind” is one of those songs you listen to over and over again. The meaning of this song is so vast that it will resonate with many people. Do you think this song could lead to a concept album? We would love that!

This is what I was referring to by a lyric resonating for each person on different levels. What the lyric means for me is fine but it is more important what it means for you. This is what adds weight to the lyric. There’s the art and the craft of writing but I do equally think your experiences have the greatest effect on your lyrics.

What are your plans for the future?

After this project, to breathe. I have begun to explore some new material. We’ll see where that takes me.

Mike, it was such a pleasure having you with us today, is there anything you would like to say to our readers?

Be a giant in your mind.


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