Exclusive Interview with talented artist Comatose Red Ivy about her latest album “FIF 1 THIRD: Rise of a City” and Much More!

"FIF 1 THIRD: Rise of a City" is more than a great album; it is an anthem for all artists and creative.

After the excellent “Dizzlad Killing Spree,” talented artist Comatose Red Ivy is back with another intense release, “FIF 1 THIRD: Rise of a City.” This strong and powerful album speaks clear words about the contemporary situation of the music industry and the world of art.

Today, at Planet Singer, we have the great pleasure of discovering more about Ivy’s new project with an exclusive interview!

Ivy, thanks a lot for being again with us today at Planet Singer! Your latest album, “FIF 1 THIRD: Rise of a City,” is another powerful release that shows once again your talent and the true power of music! Can you tell us more about this project?

I am Comatose Red Ivy, Red Ivy, works for short or Tr*nny Bytch Project was pulling the people of the city, out local people to make a movement and bring the city, our city CINCINNATI, music hub of all the Nation, you can keep Nasville and LA, but please, Come to Cincinnati to sound like us, we are the future of music industry, now and we need the people, all of any people to rise our City. . . we need all communities.

All your releases have an impact and carry a strong message with them. How do you find your inspiration?

I take the unity and core of all the people, we the people and give back to the people with words of encouragement and rejoice, now is our time. 

Among your different artist personas, do you think you would ever do a collaboration between them? That would be amazing!

Yes, indeed I have several tracks where I’ve played up to 4 personas on the track embedded HERE

You are so instinctive but also very focused on the messages you want to deliver. How do you translate them into your music?

Real time in a syllable rhyme, on the fly first try every track front to back, I’m afraid to even try. 

Your album “FIF 1 THIRD: Rise of a City” is more than a great release; it calls up all the artists and people who work in the music in order to re-establish a more honest order. Do you think it will ever be achieved, and how?

Honest used loosely because I do agree some and many artist are lying to themselves about having they own or a unique sound. It’s time, to step it up I have the sound of the future of Hip-Hop and I want to take my city with me, for us all of us, everyone one of you. It’s true, I died and woke up a rapper October 16 2020, almost one year ago to make all of this music and lead the way for we are we will be center of the whole music industry, yes I do believe it is already happening.

What do you think about the contemporary situation of the music industry?

B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T, Not to be rude but whole top 100, better step it up, they way behind, they auto tune can’t save them, their miss near rhyme barely hit end rhyme, stutter mumble edit Gods, it’s my and our time.

Have you ever thought about signing with a label that could push your music towards a broader audience, or do you think they would try to change your sound and put some limits to your creativity?

Was working with a label, puckered all that up over love and being abused and tortured with that love, lost myself, went off the hinges but finally not back full circle, ahead of where I was Circle, like a Perfect Circle.

Love, hate, courage and fear, all blend perfectly in your music. How do you balance all these feelings in your songs?

I balance them from my heart to microphone, hit record and watch my mouth and wait for beat to finish; press stop, name it, don’t even hardly upload anymore, takes too much time and on to next track, I been saying first try every beat freestyle I don’t have to write because it is from my heart I write into that microphone. 

What’s Cincinnati’s music scene like?

Honestly, I’m not going to insult anybody as saul, but for me to me, it’s in a state of Emergency, let’s pick it up and stopping pretending to be LA, we midwest, We Cincinnati, they can be us for once. 

Is there a song of your “FIF 1 THIRD: Rise of a City” you love particularly?

Absolutely, CINCI SEE G, the end oh yes that’s my favorite part but the whole song GoGo!! Cincinnati, put me on and I’ll return the favor!

Where do you see ten years from now?

 Stable of Music Industry.

“FIF 1 THIRD,” the song that gives the name to the album, is truly impressive. Can you tell us more about it?

I stand with everyone, and in this song I say “I roll with the gang that killed me”, I only wish that true so just good bar play for clarity of all ears listening, it’s true they blue, all over the city and all black too and they should really PUT ME ON, or PUT ME DOWN. 



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