Exclusive interview with talented Artist Manager Andy Stanton about his work with brilliant deep tech duo Late Replies and much more!

Andy Stanton, the blueprint for all nowadays and upcoming Artist Managers!

There is no magic trick in the music industry; if you have a great act in your hands, hard work, intuition, and a clear vision are some of the three ingredients we need to make an artist’s career skyrocket!

Intuitive and creative, Artist Manager Andy Stanton met us for a priceless conversation where he opened up about his work with excellent duo Late Replies and much more!

Hi Andy, thanks a lot for being here with us at Planet Singer today! You have been working in the music industry for almost a decade now, and your work with Late Replies is incredible; we are thrilled to know more about the behind-the-scenes of the business but let’s start from the beginning. When did you discover your passion for music?

I discovered my passion for music at Studio 338 in London, one of the best clubs in the world known for throwing House Music Events. When I first went there on a night out with all of my friends, and we danced the night away for 12 hours, I knew this was what I wanted to do in life; it made so much sense.

Late Replies passed from performing in know clubs in London to touring around the world in Europe and South America. Talent is a key element but also having a great manager is that extra component that makes the whole engine work! Can you tell us how you met and when you decided to work together on their career?

When I started my event brand in 2016, I was on the hunt for some DJs to play for our first-ever event. I spoke to a friend who I knew who used to play a few tracks here’ n there, and he said he’d absolutely love to come down and play at our first party. He said he also knew two other guys starting up in the DJ world and asked if they could jump on as well. I agreed before I even met the guys; it felt right! We planned to all meet that following weekend at Elrow in London, one of the best events in the world – We met up there and clicked, became best friends overnight, and the rest was history. I absolutely love how music brings people together! I was always alongside them throughout their growth as artists, and I guess over time, when they became busier and busier, I always helped where I could because I wanted the best for them, I want them to be at the very top; And over time I just took on more and more work and it all made sense. They said they didn’t want me to just do this for free anymore as a friend; they wanted to reward me for it, so we agreed I’d be their manager, and that was that. Many years later, it definitely seemed like the right decision, and we’re achieving so much greatness at the moment together, and there’s nothing better than doing that with your brothers.

From this collaboration came to life Black Label Records. Let’s talk more about this new label!

The boys have their own musical sound. They make SO much music and usually get tracks signed to external labels, but it came to the point where their sound didn’t even suit any other label anymore; it was just their own unique sound, and we needed to do something with it… So BLR was born 😉 to showcase the Late Replies sound.

Your work with Late Replies has been outstanding; their single “Hold Up” has over six million plays on Spotify alone and counting. The due hit the charts, and I am sure this summer will be an extremely important time for their career. This is, of course, thanks to quality music, their talent, and a focused release and marketing strategy. Can you tell us more about the process you go through when a new single is ready to be released?

It’s actually crazy how much work goes into a new release. We’ve currently got this track we’re speaking to a BIG label about… And we have to be VERY clever with it. 

We can’t send it out to many people; only a select few people can have the file, so make sure it stays ‘in demand.’

We need as many videos of it being played in the club as possible, so the social media world can see it going OFF in a club! 

Then when the time is right, and it’s all signed off, we need a BIG media campaign to release it.

Radio promo; Pre-order campaigns on socials for Beatport, big Ad campaigns for Spotify plays, etc., all up until release date. Then BOOM! Big announcement, and we push to get that track to number 1.

That’s kinda the short summary of it, but yeah, as you can imagine, it’s a lot of hard work which goes on behind closed doors, especially with how important social media is of today.

Exclusive interview with talented Artist Manager Andy Stanton!

This is incredible! And Apart from Late Replies, what music do you usually listen to?

If I’m not listening to house music or beats, I’ll have some Drake, The Weeknd, or the top charts on. I also love listening to meditation music to relax my mind when I’m in work mode, haha!

After many years together, are you looking to expand your roster with new artists?

My plan is 1 artist and 1 artist only… Late Replies!

Exclusive interview with talented Artist Manager Andy Stanton!

Have you ever considered also working as an A&R?

Late Replies would laugh at this! I’m not the best at knowing my music; I always forget the lyrics as well, so I’ll just stick with the management; I’m more of a numbers kinda guy!

The music scene changes quickly; artists must listen to their audience yet be true to themselves. As a manager, how do you support a band helping them make the right steps?

We will always stay true to ourselves; we want to be unique and never follow a crowd. We always do spice things up with Edits of well-known tracks once in a while, however, to keep the audiences engaged. We’ve done a Justin Timberlake one recently, and everyone LOVES it… Then back to the LR underground beats.

Your experience is extremely valuable for all those young DJs and Producers out there releasing their first singles. Is there any advice you could give them? What is the best way to stand out from the crowd?

Get that track mastered and sent out to the Jamie Jones’, Marco Carola, and the other big artists for support. It’s so important this day and age for the big boys to be backing your tracks. But also, the main one is don’t make your tracks for them. Make them for YOU. Make them for your own sound, don’t try to be anyone else; find your own niche. Once you find that, you will win.

What are your plans for the future?

Taking every day as it comes. We have big big big goals and dreams; they’re all on my vision board and goal list. But I keep that for myself, and I use today to work hard and make them happen and set myself on that path 😉

Andy, it was such a pleasure talking to you today. Is there anything you would like to say to our readers?

Do what your love.
Find your passion.
And work SUPER hard. But also take time for yourself. Sometimes I forget this myself especially working in the music business. So sometimes I go back onto the dance floor and let loose, relax my mind and body, then get back to it.
Life is about balance, so try to find yours.

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Instagram: Late Replies

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Spotify: Late Replies


Passionate Artist Manager representing Late Replies, the hottest duo in the world right now in the deep tech music world. Andy has been in the music industry for 6 years with huge event experience across London, Ibiza and Europe and has been on the full journey of managing the London duo since the start of their career. He’s helped drive the guys from local London DJs to now touring around the world in Europe and South America. They’ve also recently released a new label called Black Label Records, with the first tune charting number 1 on Beatport singles chart in Deep Tech, Hype Chart and the EP also in the release charts.

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