Anizzy Releases The Excellent EP “You” – Exclusive Review

RnB artist Anizzy is back with a brand new EP in "You," a project that explores the concept of relationships and growing through them.

Anizzy’s sound is often a fascinating blend of genres that spice up his atmospheric RnB fare, so we were eager to see how this translated to a full EP experience. 

To our pleasant surprise, Anizzy manages to expand on his sound and concept in several satisfying ways.


The first track on the EP, “Give Me a Sign,” sets the tone for the project. The song starts with a mellow instrumental and builds up gradually to a breezy, spacey chorus. The atmosphere the track establishes is simply enthralling, as it sweeps you into its vibe. Anizzy’s smooth vocals glide effortlessly over the beats, making for an infectious tune that will surely get stuck in your head.

The track “I Imagine” follows, featuring a smooth guitar riff that keeps things sonically interesting. Here, Anizzy leans a bit into hip-hop influences, and it works. Anizzy goes pretty close, but mixing sweet guitar riffs with more trap-ish music beats makes for a phenomenal atmosphere. There’s still a dark, brooding aura around the tune, but this is set to change.

The title track, “You,” is the third song off the EP, and it marks a pleasant shift from the previous two songs. While it still indulges in darker ideas, the song also explores more bright and positive territory. Anizzy explores his thoughts, giving himself some breathing room while intrusive thoughts continue breaching his head. It isn’t easy to listen if you can relate, but the instrumentals keep it light and breezy.


This brief light moment is expanded in “Just Tell Me,” which plays with the themes established in “You.” Overall darker but with a similar dream-like soundscape, “Just Tell Me” successfully captures the pain of being left behind without explanation. Once again, Anizzy does a great job encapsulating an experience into sound.

It all culminates in “I Want More,” easily the most atmospheric song on the album. It applies all the things that have worked so far to significant effect. In terms of writing, it’s the most direct, feeling like an outburst compared to the melancholic musings of the last few tunes. The sound also builds up, feeling like a grand expression of emotional anguish, and it simply works.

Anizzy’s EP “You” is a must-listen for fans of R&B music, as the EP fits the bill perfectly. The project is a stunning showcase of Anizzy’s talent and ability to blend different musical genres into something unique. With its infectious beats, heartfelt lyrics, and standout vocals, “You” will captivate audiences worldwide, and we’re eager to see where he goes from here.


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