BOHARDT – “You Know Me Better” Exclusive Review!

Captivating, emotional, and intense; these are just a few of the words you would use to describe Bohardt and his music. An artist’s job is not only to entertain or write catchy tracks, record, and perform. The real role of an artist is to freeze in time all those memories, feelings, and life experiences that make our life what it is and turning them into memories through music. In this, Bohardt is one of the most exciting and genuine artists of the new generation. Today, at Planet Singer, we have the great pleasure of listening to his latest single “You Know Me Better,” a great track that signs a new and fundamental chapter in Bohardt’s music career.

James Bohardt, in art Bohardt, is a talented singer and songwriter based in California. Gifted with an acute sensibility and an instinct for music, Bohardt has created music for many years, collaborating with many different acts, before finding his new dimension. Inspired by artists such as Sam Smith and Patrick Strump (Fall Out Boy), Bohardt’s sound is a mixture of many genres, revisited in a very unique and personal way, creating that sound that is now his trademark!

“You Know Me Better” is one of those songs that everyone should listen to, several times. The lyrics deliver a very clear and strong message, inspirational, and emotional. The incredible arrangement and the ability of Bohardt to interpret every word with the right intention and charisma make this track a real gem in its genre! “You Know Me Better” follows the lead of the two Hit singles “I’m Not Coming Home” and “J.A.S.Y.S,” two tracks that show once again the incredible versatility and uniqueness of sound of Bohardt.

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Spotify: Bohardt

Instagram: bohardtmusic

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