Embracing the 80s Revival: Rafael Jannotti Releases His Latest Single “If I Could” – Exclusive Review

Originally from beautiful Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Rafael Jannotti is truly an artist who knows how to stand out, blending elements of pop, rock, and synthwave to create a unique sound. From his early days performing covers to his recent foray into original songwriting, Rafael's musical journey reflects a passion for innovation and creativity.

His latest single, “If I Could,” transports listeners back to the nostalgic sounds of the 80s while infusing modern production techniques and heartfelt lyrics. With a videoclip inspired by 80s action movies in the works, Rafael Jannotti has created a true masterpiece that convinces from the first note to the last.

Jannotti’s musical evolution is a clear sign of his unique artistic vision and versatility as an artist. Starting out performing covers across various genres, he honed his skills and developed a deep appreciation for music’s diverse landscape. However, it was during the pandemic that Rafael found the opportunity to explore his own creative vision fully.


Drawing inspiration from his eclectic musical background, Rafael embarked on collaborations with DJs, seamlessly blending his melodic sensibilities with electronic production elements. The result? A series of EDM tracks that showcased his adaptability and willingness to push artistic boundaries. From excellent tracks such as the metal vibes of powerful “The Wizard” with its smashing guitar riffs and impressive vocal performance to the brilliancy of the captivating and chilled vibes of the EDM single “Forever Me and You,” Rafale Jannotti is one of those few artists who excel no matter the genre of their latest works. Yet, it was his recent immersion in the synthwave and retro-pop-rock sound that truly captured his imagination.

Released as his latest single, “If I Could” epitomizes Rafael Jannotti’s embrace of the 80s revival. With pulsating synths, infectious melodies, and evocative lyrics, the track invites listeners on a nostalgic journey through time. As Rafael croons about the desire to overcome impossible obstacles, his heartfelt vocals resonate with authenticity and emotion, transporting listeners to a bygone era of neon lights and endless possibilities.


Accompanying the release of “If I Could” is an upcoming videoclip that promises to capture the essence of 80s action movies. With its retro aesthetic and cinematic flair, the video will surely offer a captivating glimpse into Rafael Jannotti’s world; a world where past and present collide in an exciting fusion of sound and style. With its irresistible blend of 80s nostalgia and contemporary flair, “If I Could” showcases Rafael’s ability to transcend genres while maintaining his trademark sound that makes him so unique. As the synthwave revival gains momentum, Rafael Jannotti emerges as a leading figure, and we can’t wait for his next release!

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