Chris Padin is back with a new excellent single, “Losing My Mind,” featuring talented Georgia Rose on vocals! Exclusive Review!

"Losing My Mind" is one of the best Deep House releases of this year so far, an excellent track that's going to conquer and make people dance in all clubs internationally!

Chris Padin is back stronger than before with his “Losing My Mind,” a track that brings new life to the Deep House world, with fresh and energetic vibes. The creative American DJ / EDM Producer from New York, joined by the exceptional actress and singer-songwriter Georgia Rose, returns to the House panorama with a mesmerizing and hypnotic production!

Today, at Planet Singer, we have the great pleasure of sharing with your Chris Padin’s new single, diving into the sound of this unique artist!

Starting with a catchy beat, “Losing My Mind” incorporates the best vibes of House music interpreted by Chris with his unique style and artistic vision. The refined choice of synth sounds and the whole development and crescendo of the song are some of the key factors and trademarks that make Chris Padin stand out from the crowd when it comes to music production. “Losing My Mind” inherits the strengths and musicality of Chris’ previous release, masterpieces such as “Hold Me Closer” (with Alexandra Fresquez) and Alpha.”

“Losing My Mind” isn’t just great beat and stellar production. Georgia Rose‘s performance behind the microphone gives soul to the whole piece. Her warm and rich voice brings to life the dreamy and intense lyrics that, combined with the memorable melody of the song, make this track hypnotize the listeners from the first second to the last! Chris Padin‘s momentum won’t stop here; his next single, this time featuring a male singer, is due out in March through Ensis Records.

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Official Website:

Spotify: Chris Padin

Facebook: Chris Padin Music

Instagram: Chris Padin

YouTube: Chris Padin

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