Immortal Kingz’s Latest Single “We’re On A Mission” from their Debut Album Brings Back the Golden Era of Hip Hop.

The dynamic hip-hop duo, Immortal Kingz, composed of emcee and songwriter Sabotaj and emcee and producer Haph Breed, have recently released the excellent second single from their debut album, and it's a classic.

Immortal Kingz honor the James Bond phenomenon while paying homage to hip-hop culture in their brilliant new single “We’re On A Mission.”

Haph Breed’s creative energy and musical talent shine throughout the entire track, following the footsteps of legendary producers such as Dr. Dre, Madlib, and Pete Rock. Sabotaj, who is the CEO of 3D Prod, has worked alongside hip-hop legends such as Xzibit, Black Moon, and Inspector Deck, and has contributed to projects featuring well-known artists such as Kurupt, WC, E-40, Jayo Felony, and Luniz.


“We’re On A Mission” showcases the duo’s lyrical prowess, with Sabotaj’s smooth flow matching Haph Breed’s beat production flawlessly. The track is a clear representation of Immortal Kingz’s dedication to preserving the golden era of hip-hop, with lyrics that matter and bars that show their appreciation for the craft. The single pays tribute to the James Bond phenomenon, with the duo’s clever wordplay and witty references to the iconic franchise adding sophistication to the track.

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“We’re On A Mission” is a compelling example of Immortal Kingz’s unwavering dedication to preserving the hip-hop culture, with lyrics and bars that transport us back to the most florent era of the genre. Hip-hop enthusiasts who appreciate the finesse of classic hip-hop won’t want to miss the debut album from this talented duo, entirely produced by Haph Breed, featuring Sabotaj’s captivating flow and clever wordplay.

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