COLBY KOSHI – “Beamin” Exclusive Review!

In the overcrowded and frenetic nowadays music scene, it is harder to find artists who can bring some new lymph to the contemporary music world. Artists like Colby Koshi bring fresh air into the system and give a brand modern interpretation of our society and our generation through their music. Today, at Planet Singer, we have the great pleasure of listening to his single “Beamin,” an excellent release that will stay in your favorite playlists for a long time!


Colby Koshi is a talented singer, rapper, Hip-Hop artist, songwriter, and producer from NJ. Gifted with a vibrant musicality and excellent songwriting skills, Colby shaped his sound incorporating in his tracks the best vibes of modern Hip-Hop, Pop, and Electronic music, perfectly blended together with the best Rap and Hip-Hop sounds of the golden era! After successful singles such as “Date Nights” and “Games,” and the incredible full-length album “Doubts,” “Beamin” is for sure one of the most exciting tracks of 2020 so far!


It takes just a few seconds to understand that the sound Colby is delivering in his music is the result of fantastic sound research, brilliant arrangements, and excellent songwriting. The song starts with a catchy intro while surrounding synth sounds lead to the modern beat that frames Colby’s unique interpretation behind the microphone. His rapping is melodic and rhythmic, the perfect blend between Hip-Hop’s new school and the sound of the legends of the 90s. The direct and straightforward lyrics go straight to the point without compromising, thanks to Koshi’s stamina and charisma. The future is bright for this talented artist, and we can’t wait to listen to his next releases, and hopefully another full-length masterpiece like “Doubts”!


Check the links below, discover more about Colby Koshi and his music, and don’t forget to add his tracks to your favorite playlists!

Spotify: Colby Koshi

Instagram: colbykoshi

Apple Music: Colby Koshi

Soundcloud: Colby Koshi

YouTube: Colby Koshi


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