D-WITT – “Escaping Me” Single Review!

It is always exciting to discover new artists, especially when their music reflects their incredible talent. Today we have the chance to listen to D-Witt incredible tracks! D-Witt is a talented Hip Hop Artist originally from Rockford, Illinois. Being born in a very musical family, his talent had all the time and opportunities to grow. Growing up, his father was a lead guitarist who taught him rhythm. His mother still sings in the church choir. D-Witt discovered his passion for rapping in middle school and since then his style became unique, helping him gain fans from all around the world.

His track “Escaping Me” is the clear proof not only of his talent but also of his incredible attention to detail. Everything, from the production to the beat, from the female voice to his performance is top level. D-Witt’s performance behind the microphone is outstanding. His rhythm and tone are always on time and he is able to interpret every single word like a pro.

You can notice his real artistry in tracks like “Blue Water”, personally, one of my favorites. Starting from the great production level and the beat, this track carries a deeper meaning. Thanks to D-Witt’s incredible versatility, the mood is set since the first lines. It is one of those songs you expect from the stars of Hip Hop, with a Major production. This is the real strength of D-Witt, incredible taste and versatility, mixed with strong attention to detail and outstanding production.

D-Witt style is a combination of the best old school Hip Hop and Rap, with the new generation of artists. His sound is fresh and unique, with the beat and the production that create a perfect base for the great lyrics. This is one of his strengths. His phrasing and writing is fluent and always precise. Perfectly fits not only the base and the rhythm but, most importantly, it sets up the perfect mood for every track!

This is the case for his “Play The Game” and especially “Enemy”. These are two songs that I consider proper Hit tracks. D-Witt’s work on the lyrics of “Enemy” is just mind-blowing.  You wouldn’t expect such an important track from such a young artist, but this is the proof of his mature talent and incredible artistry. D-Witt, despite his young age, has the talent of a Big artist.

Do not miss the chance to discover more about D-Witt’s incredible music and make sure to add his songs to your playlists! Check out the links below to listen to more of his songs!

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