Dejhare is back with a new, exciting project, the “Lovescape” EP! Exclusive Review!

"Lovescape" is one of the best releases of 2022, an EP that, from the first track to the last, captivates the listeners, telling a story that resonates with all of us!

We first met talented artist Dejhare with her brilliant “Do What You Gotta Do” and “Plead The Fifth,” two releases that tell a lot about her artistic vision. 2022 has been a prolific year with the excellent single “I Got You” and the exceptional six-track EP “Lovescape!”

After listening to “Lovescape,” we can easily say this is one of the best releases of 2022. Not only each song shines for the excellent production and brilliant songwriting, but it also feeds the imagination, memories, and dreams of the listeners, linking itself permanently to their lives as a soundtrack that reflects the mood of our deepest thoughts! “Lovescape” speaks to the heart, to the brain, and to the soul, with simple and familiar words, as you would do with a close friend or your loved one, but most importantly, its introspective essence focuses its intentions on yourself, taking care of you with six songs that analyze, explore and, ultimately, resolve all the spectrum of a love story!

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The whole concept of the EP is exceptional. Starting with the positivity and energy of the opening track, “Light Up,” a song that, with catchy rhythms and modern arrangement, brings joy and helps to lighten up the dark moments we may go through. “Drawn To You,” with its hypnotic and inviting melodies, perfectly pictures the emotions we feel when we are attracted to someone, a song that smoothly leads to “Under A Spell,” another fantastic song that, like the next chapter of the romance, describes how love can cover like a beautiful curtain all the world around, keeping us like under a spell!

The EP proceeds with the brilliant “Like A Fool” and “Nobody,” two songs that describe the dark side of a toxic relationship and the feeling of loneliness this can bring. Finding the inner strength and ending these kinds of relationships is fundamental for our well-being, and Dejhare’s songs, with great songwriting and effective arrangements, go straight to the point, supporting and encouraging the listeners to move on! The fantastic “Going Solo” closes the circle with its inspiring lyrics, uplifting base, and another Dejhare’s outstanding performance! It all starts with us and ends with us finding that inner strength to carry on despite all adversities we find along the way; this is what we learn from this excellent EP, an intriguing journey that turned this release into a true life experience!

What makes Dejhare’s music so unique is also the narrative behind everything she writes and records. Her talent doesn’t stop at the great performances every time she delivers. Her artistic vision and the ability to create something meaningful to the listeners, something they can relate to and feel their own, makes Dejhare’s music stand out among the thousands of copy-and-paste releases that overflow the market. When talent meets heart and soul, this is the secret recipe for timeless music! Well done, and we can’t wait for the next release!

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