Enrico Milano the creative force behind the moniker Mr. Dub releases the excellent single “Lascivious”

Hailing from Italy, Enrico Milano aka Mr. Dub, has also transformed his diverse musical influences into a truly innovative sound. Born in 1971, Mr. Dub has seamlessly blended his passion for music with a successful career in Information Technology. His journey in the early 1990s, marked by the unique "Rock and House" style disco nights, showcased his ability to captivate audiences with a fusion of genres. From acid house to ambient, techno, rave, and beyond, Mr. Dub's versatility has been a defining feature of his musical career.

The distinct charm of Mr. Dub lies in his ability to reinvent himself. The hiatus from music to delve into Information Technology didn’t deter him; instead, it fueled a resurgence. In 2021, armed with a Digital Audio Workstation and a vision, he introduced a new electric disco music style. This style, a blend of Electronic Dance Music, Chill Out, Funky, and Rock, reflects not only his IT expertise but also his commitment to pushing creative boundaries.

“Lascivious” confirms Mr. Dub’s innovative approach and creativity. The track masterfully explores the intersection of Dubstep and Electronic Dance Music, creating a sonic journey that is as bold as it is intricate. The title, drawing inspiration from the concept of overt sexual desire, sets the stage for an emotive experience. What unfolds is a musical landscape where heavy bass sounds of Dubstep intertwine seamlessly with the rhythmic nuances of EDM.


From the first beat, “Lascivious” showcases Mr. Dub’s knack for crafting a sound that is both dynamic and unpredictable. The intense opening gives way to softer yet intriguing undertones, creating a tapestry that keeps listeners on the edge. The vocals, though elusive, add a layer of intrigue, underscoring Mr. Dub’s ability to infuse complexity into his compositions. His approach to music, a fusion of technical precision and artistic innovation, is a breath of fresh air. In a world saturated with predictable sounds, Mr. Dub invites listeners to explore uncharted territories.

As we navigate the soundscape of “Lascivious,” we witness Mr. Dub’s artistry at its peak. The track’s climax, both jarring and fascinating, leaves an indelible mark, confirming Mr. Dub’s ability to not only embrace change but also to create a musical experience that transcends expectations. This song is a must-listen-to for all lovers of Dubstep Electronic Dance Music!