Talented Artist Enrico Milano, aka Mr. Dub, Releases The Excellent New Single “Dirty Talking” – Exclusive Review!

In the dynamic panorama of electronic dance music, innovation is key, and artist Enrico Milano, better known as Mr. Dub, is breaking boundaries with his latest single, "Dirty Talking."

After dedicating over two decades to information technology, Milano shifted gears to pursue his lifelong passion for music. Combining his technical expertise with a deep-rooted love for various genres, he crafted his unique style—a mesmerizing fusion of electronic dance, chill-out, funky, and rock elements.

Mr. Dub’s musical ethos revolves around infusing vibrancy and color into every aspect of life. His electric disco revival style breathes new life into the electronic music scene, blending infectious beats, funky grooves, and captivating melodies. With “Dirty Talking,” Milano showcases his knack for pushing the boundaries of electronic dance music, delivering a track that oozes sensuality and allure.


At the heart of “Dirty Talking” lies an enticing journey into sensuality and creativity. The track envelops listeners in a sultry atmosphere, guided by the seductive tones of a woman’s voice—a masterful stroke that adds depth and intrigue to the music. Despite its provocative title, “Dirty Talking” maintains an air of sophistication, never crossing into vulgarity but instead inviting listeners to immerse themselves in its alluring rhythms and melodies.

Through “Dirty Talking,” Mr. Dub showcases his unwavering commitment to artistic innovation and sonic exploration. His meticulous attention to sound research and production detail is evident, as each element of the track harmoniously converges to create a mesmerizing auditory experience. Milano’s bold creativity and willingness to push the boundaries of electronic dance music exemplify his status as a trailblazer in the genre. With its intoxicating blend of sensuality, creativity, and musicality, the track marks a new chapter in Milano’s musical journey while confirming his status as a driving force in the evolution of electronic music.


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